Monday, November 12, 2012

Tink in Training Virtual Run Update!

Are you still waiting to sign up for the virtual run?  Here's the latest update!

There are currently 22 registered runners from all over the US and Canada!

There are 23 prizes (check out the prize list here) so winning a prize right now is guaranteed (obviously not guaranteed once we go over 23 runners but your chances will still be fairly good)!

Almost every prize is valued at over $15 (which is the cost of the 5k registration)!  Sponsor spotlight posts are going up all this week and so far include detailed posts about Endorphin Warrior, Bia Sport and MyRaceRagz.  Unfortunately the prize from Knucklelights is no longer available (they are just too popular and can't keep up with demand) but will be replaced with a prize or prize pack of a similar value which I will provide.

I will be ordering enough of this adorable bling for everyone who registers once registration closes and I have confirmed numbers. The first 20 registrants will get their bling sooner as it has already been shipped to me.

Registration closes November 23rd - only 11 days left to get in on this great run! Don't miss out - register today!  You will need to complete your run by November 30th and provide proof of time if you win a finisher prize.