Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: My Race Ragz

MyRaceRagz has donated one (1) custom running shirt to the virtual run giveaway.  Want a chance to win one of these shirts?  Sign up for the virtual run today!

MyRaceRagz' slogan is "creating memorable running moments one shirt at a time" and that's exactly what they do!  Through this company you can easily design a custom shirt for your next race or training run.

I have often seen people on Twitter looking for a company that will make a custom shirt for a run.  And as runners, we are not just looking for a cotton t-shirt - we want a comfy shirt made from technical fabric that will go the distance, from 5k to a marathon, and wick moisture while also being comfortable.  MyRaceRagz is the answer if you are looking for a shirt like that!

I had never ordered from MyRaceRagz before this.  They generously provided me with a coupon code so I could check out their product.  Knowing the cold weather is coming, I selected a long sleeve technical shirt.  I am not very talented when it comes to graphic design or clever sayings, so I was concerned about what to put on the shirt.  I was happy to find out that MyRaceRagz offers a lot of pre-designed options as well, and even happier to find out that you can customize the colours on the designs.

I went with a simple 13.1 design (I will post a picture when I get home- I'm in the airport right now) which was originally pink.  I customized it to be purple to match Team in Training colours.  It was easy to select my design, place it, and select the colours.  I also played around with the text options, which were also easy to work with.  I could put 13.1 on the front and another design or some text on the back.  In the end, I went with the front design only, but more because of my own lack of creativity than a lack of options or a problem with the website interface.

My shirt arrived quickly considering it was being shipped to Canada.  I put it on right away and was pleased with the quality of the fabric and the cut of the shirt.  It fit very well.  At first I felt the sleeves were a little short, but realized when I headed out to run that they were the perfect length - since they didn't go down to far, my wrists weren't super bulky with fabric and putting my Garmin on was easy compared to my other fall/winter running top options.  I headed out for a run and the shirt was comfortable and kept me warm.

Using the MyRaceRagz website was very easy and I was pleased with the product.  I would definitely recommend them if you need a custom shirt for a race or other athletic event, and will be keeping them in mind myself for future races.

Visit their website to see all the possibilities.  You can find MyRaceRagz on Facebook and on Twitter @myraceragz.

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