Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: KT Tape

KT Tape has donated twelve (12) rolls of KT Tape Pro to the giveaway.  Twelve lucky virtual run finishers will receive a roll.  Don't miss out on your chance to try this product - register for the virtual run today!

As frequent readers of this blog and my Twitter account know, I struggled with a posterior shin splint for much of the summer.  It messed up my training and generally made me unhappy and uncomfortable.  One of the things that finally helped me bounce back was KT Tape.

I received a sample of KT Tape in a race kit but was skeptical.  I also didn't have an injury at the time that I needed it for.  I put it aside and forgot about it until my shin splint became almost unbearable.  While searching for relief, I decided to give KT Tape a try.  I checked out their website , which has tons of videos and information on how to use and apply KT Tape.  I experimented and even got help from them via their Twitter account, @kttape , where they will check pictures of your tape job to confirm whether you did it correctly.

I won't pretend to be an expert about how KT Tape works.  I just know that for me it did.  You can read on their website all about how their product helps runners and other athletes.  You might have noticed during the Olympics this year that athletes in many different sports were using a product like this one.

I was very pleased with the results KT Tape provided, and with the quality of the product.  When I apply it correctly (as opposed to in a rush immediately before a run) it will stay on for days at time through showering and running.  I have also recently used KT Tape on the back of my knee as my popliteal muscle has been bothering me and was pleased with the results.  KT Tape has become a permanent fixture in my big bag of running supplies.

In addition to their website and Twitter, KT Tape is also on Facebook.


  1. I have been meaning to register for the run...but now I am not sure if I did or not...CAn you let me know? Thanks

    Gigi Becker or Running on Candy