Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Endorphin Warrior

I purchased a warrior training bracelet this past spring, and I have worn it on practically every run since.  My bracelet says "strength" to remind me to find my strong on every run and to dig deep down inside!

On one of my first runs wearing this bracelet, I swore it had magic powers.  And I still do.  It pulls me through runs and even through days when I don't run.  I can look down at this bracelet at any time and remember that I am stronger than I think.

My bracelet is soft and comfortable.  Even after numerous wears, and getting sweat on, rained on or wet when I wash my hands, it is still in good shape.  If anything, the slightly worn weather is more comfortable and lovely looking.  I hardly even notice it's there when I wash it, even though inside I know that it's there.

I picked "strength" for my warrior training bracelet but there are many other words and even phrases available, like "persevere", "focus", "13.1", "swim bike run" and "as I run, as I run, the universe is running with me".  You can see all the available words and phrases here.

Endorphin Warrior also has other inspirational products including rings, t-shirts, pendants, and other bracelet styles.  Check out their website to see their whole selection!

You can also find Endorphin Warrior on Twitter @EndorphnWarrior.

Endorphin Warrior has donated one (1) warrior training bracelet to the giveaway (word or phrase chosen by the winner).  Want a chance to win a warrior training bracelet of your own?  Register for the virtual run today!  

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