Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ten Running Questions

These ten running questions, which I believe originated at Another Mother Runner, have been floating around the blogosphere for a while now.  I've had a draft saved with the ten questions but am only now getting around to answering them.  Feel free to answer them yourself in the comments or on your own blog!

Best run ever?  The one that comes to mind right now, that was a training run as opposed to a race, was a short, Garmin-less run in a thunderstorm this past May, on the day I joined Team Tough Chik.  A runner up is any run on that first warm day that you can finally wear a t-shirt after training in the snow all winter, whether it's on a vacation somewhere warm or during a spring heat wave.

Three words that describe your running?  Honest - I try my hardest and give my all and I'm not the fastest but that's okay.  Fun - see "quirky habit while running" below.  Painful - yes, sometimes it hurts; see "honest".

Your go-to running outfit? For racing, obviously my go to is my Team Sparkle skirt!  I will wear my sparkle skirts with anything in any weather.  For training, I loved my Lululemon running skirt and a tank top during the summer (and wore the outfit for one race as well).  Now that it is cooler, I am wearing tights (either capris or full length) and a t-shirt, plus my Running Skirts arm warmers.

Running skirts + winter tights = winning outfit!
Quirky habit while running?  I sing.  Out loud.  Especially when "Call Me, Maybe" comes on.  I have no shame.  I felt bad for the old guy running behind me this morning because I think he didn't want to pass me.  I'm not sure if it was out of embarrassment for me or fear for himself, but he eventually did pass me.  I kept singing.  Why, hello there, fellow runner!  Why yes, I am singing loudly and poorly!  The more important question though is - why aren't you?

Morning, midday, evening?  These days mostly in the evening.  I am not a morning person - even though sometimes I try, and I know I really should get in some morning long runs with the start time of the Tinker Bell Half.  I can't run in the mid-day generally because of work.  I run after work most days. On the weekends I will run in the mid-afternoon.

I won’t run outside when it’s pouring down rain.  I am now more willing to head out when it's raining even if it will maybe start pouring while I'm out there.  But if it is pouring hard before I even start I won't get off the couch.

Running in this city means not wussing out in the cold!

Worst injury—and how you got over it.  I think I have to say the shin splint that I haven't finished shaking.  It's almost all better - through ice, foam rolling, sticking, resting, Tiger Balm, some crazy other Tiger Balm-esque magic liquid, chiropractor, acupuncture, and a little bit of KT Tape!  I had to cut my third planned half marathon down to a 10k this year after a summer of nagging pain, but I am finally on the mend.

I felt most like a badass mother runner when I crossed the line of my second half marathon, exactly one year after I crossed the line of my first 5k race, without my sister dragging me to the finish and only five minutes slower without her help.

With more friends at another TO Women's Run event, this
time my second half marathon!
A close runner up for my most badass mother runner moment was finishing the Starbucks Run for Women 10k after being sick out on the course.

(Taken before I knew what my future held.)

Next race is the Toronto Women's Runs 5k next weekend.  I'm looking forward to this event for a few reasons - running with friends, a lovely course, a well done event, and a "late" start (9:30).  I have done three other TO Women's Runs events before (two 5k races and my second half this past spring) and always enjoy them.

With friends at my first TO Women's Run.

Potential running goal for 2013?  Getting my RunDisney Coast to Coast Medal by running the Princess Half five weeks after the Tinker Bell Half?  If we can figure out the logistics of travelling so soon after the Tink Half, and how to pay for it, and I can figure out how to do it running wise without hurting myself, I just might do it.  Have you ever run two half marathons (or full marathons) close together?  Do you have any tips?

I'd love to earn the 5th anniversary medal!

Your turn!  What are your answers to these ten running questions?

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  1. In 2011, during marathon training, I ran a half almost every month. It's totally doable...just don't aim to PB at them and you'll do fine. Just run a couple of mid-distance training runs between them.