Monday, September 17, 2012

TNT Report: Week One

I am going to try and share my progress with all of you on a weekly basis, in terms of both my fundraising and training.  I would appreciate any suggestions you have for either, and maybe someone will learn something from me too!


My training schedule is Sunday-Saturday so that's what I'll be sharing each week.

My runs this week:

  • Sunday - LSD run, 8k - My schedule called for less but I have the Montreal RNR 10k coming up so I'm still on that training plan somewhat.  This run felt great, finished in just over an hour.
  • Tuesday - Tempo, 4k - I looked forward to this run ALL DAY and then it kind of sucked.  I just didn't have any juice in my legs.  Ended up being more of another slow run, finishing in about 33 mins.
  • Saturday - Steady 3.9k - This was supposed to be 3k but this route is easy to access, close to home.  This run felt much better than Tuesday's of about the same distance, finishing in about 27 mins.
I skipped my hill workout on Thursday to drink wine after a long day and week.  I actually wrote "WINE" over my workout on my schedule.  Hey, it happens.

As far as injuries, this week my popliteal muscle on the right side was tight.  My chiropractor beat it up with Graston for a bit and that helped a lot.  My shin split on the left is almost all healed up, though there is still a little ache once and a while.


As of today, I'm at $1,102.00!  That's over 20% of my goal of $5,000.00.  So far I have sent out a lot of emails to friends and family - with more to come - and worked at a "celebrity packer" fundraiser (that brought me $102.00 for about four hours of work - not bad!)  I have also pledged myself $105.00.

In the works I have a pay-what-you-can yoga class and a virtual run.  I am also going to talk to a couple of my favourite restaurants about doing fundraisers there and I'm going to look into having a giveaway here on the site either as a stand alone or as part of the virtual run.

For the virtual run, I would love your feedback.  What price would you be willing to pay?  What would you expect in return (e.g. t-shirt, bling, etc.)  Would you be more likely to sign up if there was a giveaway attached or would you do it just in exchange for something like bling?

If you would like to donate to Team in Training, I would really appreciate it!  The link for my fundraising page is (get it?  Tinkerbell Half?  Team in Training?) and there is a button and progress bar in my sidebar as well.

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