Saturday, September 22, 2012

Montreal RNR 10k goals

As think about my goals for this race, I can't help but thinking about the half marathon that it was supposed to be. Part of me is sad and disappointed, but most of me is kind of relieved because work has become so crazy that a half marathon right now would probably finish me. As it is, I am looking forward to the break that a fun 10k will give me.

And when I say fun, I mean some serious fun. Besides the fact that it's a Rock N Roll series event, and I'm double dipping on expos this weekend by going to the Army Run expo yesterday (twice!) even though I'm not running it, and there will be a sea of Team in Training members there, I've decided to go all out on my race outfit. I'm running with the RNR theme, busting out the sparkle skirt, the sparkle headband, and my collection of running themed temporary tattoos that have been waiting for a chance just like this one. Stay tuned for pictures!

My main goal for this race is pretty simple- don't fall apart at the end. I was reading through some old race reports today and thinking about past races, and a theme became pretty clear- regardless of the distance, I would slow down in the last 10% or so. I would get tired, hurting, exhausted, ready to finish and I would wuss out. I'm not letting that happen this time. I am going to get out of my head and push to the finish. I have stacked the second half of my playlist with power tunes and the last 10 minutes are my favorite running song (Ali in the Jungle by The Hours) on repeat. I am going to smash through my mental wall.

As far as times, my number one goal is to bust through the 1:10 mark. I was so close at my last race until i hit the above mentioned mental wall. In the past I have done ABC goals but I'm finding it more and more difficult to put my time goals into words that way. I will try though with this race and say:

  • C goal - under 1:11:30 (close to my old PB)
  • B goal - under 1:10:24 (get a new PB)
  • A goal - under 1:10
  • A+ goal - 1:09:xx (smash that old PB!)
We are on the road to Montreal now, less than two hours in the car to go. Seems so close after all those races in Toronto! I'm looking forward to hitting up the expo and visiting with a friend from university who we are crashing with tonight. Then hoping for a solid night of sleep before rocking my way through a solid e tomorrow!


Good luck to everyone running this weekend, especially everyone in Montreal and Ottawa as well as my fellow Team Tough Chik and Team in Training friends!


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  1. You are stronger than you know! Go get that PB! I'm so jealous you get to do a R&R run! Good luck!