Sunday, June 10, 2012

Montreal Rock and Roll Half Marathon Training Plan

Over 10 days since my last post?  Oops.  Sorry!

I've made my training plan for my next half marathon, which will be the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Montreal on September 23, 2012.  I was secretly very excited when I realized I had enough time to complete a 16 week training plan, which Runner's World Smart Coach says is ideal.

My plan is based mostly on the Runner's World Smart Coach iPhone app, which someone on Twitter suggested a while ago (sorry I cannot remember now who it was!)  I am using their suggested runs and paces with a few changes.  First, I have put in some hill workouts and taken out some of their easy runs towards the end of the plan.  Second, I have increased most of the paces based on my plan to do 5:1s during this half as opposed to running straight through.  If I end up running more, I figure I will just end up with a better time!

I am aiming for about a 2:26 finish, which is a full 10 minutes faster than my finish time at the Toronto Women's Half Marathon but is only 5 minutes less than my finish time at the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  The Smart Coach seems to think this is reasonable and possible, and I'm choosing to believe it.  :-)

In the past I have used a combination of plans to design something that I thought would work.  Instead of using that approach this time, I am going to trust the training plan that someone much smarter and more experienced than me has come up with (other than the few minor changes set out above).  I have printed the training plan off and put it on my fridge again this time so hopefully I will follow it (I didn't do this for the Toronto half and found I let myself get really lazy with my runs).

The plan, very very briefly, is:
(all distances are in km)

I didn't include the detailed plan because it's many pages long with all my paces, etc. and wouldn't fit on the screen.  If you'd like more details, let me know!

I like that every four weeks or so there is an easy week.  I also like that my next planned race - the Midsummer Night's Run 15k - fits perfectly in the schedule.  That week called for a 16km LSD and I'll be doing the 15k, probably at race pace, instead.

Right now I'm one week in and have skipped one workout - the hills on Wednesday because my hip was bothering me - and one workout has been bumped by a day (my 10k LSD which I'll be doing tomorrow since we were travelling today).  We are travelling on a couple of occasions but I think I should be able to run where I am or move things around easily since there are only 3-4 runs per week.

Lastly, in somewhat related news, my Team Tough Chik kit should arrive by then so I'm looking forward to wearing my team shirt for this event.

I have high hopes for this training plan and I'm hoping it all goes well!


  1. I used the Smart Coach plan for the Mississauga Half and it was great. I'm using it again for the Midsummer Night's 30K but I've incorporated the long run distances from the Around the Bay training plan instead. Good luck at the half and I hope to see you again at Midsummer!

  2. I have been using Smartcoach for my first marathon and am liking it pretty well, though I do admit to modifying it a bit.

    Good luck!