Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best Message Ever.

(Hey! This is my 100th post!)

This is my me with my friend Amanda, who has a history of sending me the best Facebook messages ever:

I apparently had serious cleavage at my law school grad.
Keeping it classy.

Amanda and I met at law school.  She was my first friend in Halifax actually, other than the people I knew there from back home.  She took me under her wing and showed me all around the great city where she had already been living for a few years.  She also taught me the awesome trick of looking to see if cars are using their windshield wipers to tell if it's raining from an upstairs apartment.  Clever girl.

As you might imagine, law school didn't leave lots of time for being active.  I can't speak for Amanda, but other than my year on the recreational synchro team and a passing love for the two reasonably working ellipticals at the gym, I got lazy.  I can definitely say that Amanda and I weren't out running together.

Since law school ended and we got our lives back (more or less), Amanda and I have both been running in our respective provinces.  We're not together but we're cheering each other on.  The other day I got the best Facebook message ever from Amanda, and asked if I could share it with you because I loved it that much.  She nicely agreed.  Here it is:

Hiya -  
I found out today that I have to get gall bladder surgery this fall (to have it removed).  
In response, I did what any reasonable person would: signed up for a half marathon in September. 
Right now I'm running about a 5km. Might have been a little eager. 
Do you have a training plan you could send my way so I can get started?  

(She's not giving herself enough credit by the way- she has done a 10k before.  And she's generally determined and awesome.)

I love it, don't you?  Assuming she's not running the half marathon the day after surgery, I think this is brilliant.

I've sent Amanda a pile of training ideas and plans but I'm sure she'd love anything you have to share as well.  Any tips or words of encouragement for her first half marathon?

Also a shout out to our friend Angie who has started running post-law school and post-baby.  She ran her first 5k recently and is aiming for her first 10k in the fall.  I don't have any pictures of us together so you don't get to see her lovely face, but please leave any thoughts and words of encouragement for her as well!  I have sent her training plans and all sorts of info on Run Like A Mother.  What else does she need to know?


  1. I love it. The whole reason I started running was to take control of my body after my RA diagnosis.

    My tip/encouragement: The distance is intimidating and scary, the training and the race will be tough but crossing the finish line will make it all worth it. I think that finishing my first half marathon will be among my top accomplishments for the rest of my life.

  2. You did law school in Halifax? I love Halifax but haven't been since 2008.

    I had a really good training plan for my half, I think. I ran only 3 times a week so great for a busy person. If you are interested I could email it to you or you could find it on my blog. I started my training Jan 1st and my race was May 13th.

  3. Ahhh... I got tears when I read this. I'm such a nut! Thanks for the shout out. I must admit that I never thought I would run... and then I started following you both on Facebook and on this blog. What got to me is not the fact that you ran a half marathon but the fact that you seemed to LOVE to run. Could it be that maybe I could grow to love running too?? Well, I did, and I do. I'm still very much a novice, but I'm loving it and for once, I can see myself sticking with some form of activity. Many thanks to you Jenn!!! xo

  4. Update: I've met with my MD, ND, and a great personal trainer. We have a work out schedule, a run schedule, and a food plan to fuel all of that. I'm equal parts scared and excited! Eli was helping me create a blog tonight... it'll be "launched" soon and you can follow my progress!

    I love that running is going to bridge the time from now (and the high from Sole Sisters) to the surgery. Not to mention that if I stick to all the plans, I'll be in fighting shape for the big day (the half... and the surgery!).


  5. Me again.. just letting you know that I tagged you on my blog for the Lovely Blog Award today... if you don't want to play, it's okay, I just wanted to tell you I like your blog!