Thursday, May 10, 2012

Race Goals: Starbucks Run for Women 10k

This Saturday I am running in my second 10k event (I hesitate to call it a race because really, I'm not racing anyone but myself), the Starbucks Run for Women.  We were going to be in Toronto to see friends this weekend anyway, and I just couldn't resist the small, all female event and the girly swag:

Foxy Originals finisher's bracelet

Sweet technical running shirt
Not to mention the fact that by this point in my training for a half marathon, I am getting kind of anxious to touch a starting line - any starting line!  Remember my 5k race in the dead of winter in Ottawa leading up to the Princess Half?  Exactly.  (See that race report here.)

Now onto my goals for the race!  I haven't done race goals in a while using the ABC form and I think I will this time around.

C goal: Finish in around 1:20.  If I treat this run as a long slow run and maintain my usual LSD pacing and 10:1 intervals, this should be easy.

B goal: Finish in around 1:15.  This would be a nice balance between taking it easy and pushing myself to my goal, which is probably the best and most likely outcome.  I would need to either pick up my pace, run more than 10 minutes at a time, or a combination of both. I do think this goal will be a bit of a challenge for me, but not as much as beating my current PR.

A goal: Get a new PR by coming in under 1:11:54.  Looking at my race report from the Zoo Run (my only other 10k), I can see that while I did negative split, I lagged in my fifth 10 minute running interval, with my average pace being just above 7:00 instead of below as I had planned to run.  I think if I keep all my running intervals under 7:00 - which I think should be relatively easy since I had excess energy to dance around while running in the Zoo Run, shaving 2 minutes off my time shouldn't be difficult.  I can't decide if I really want to push myself this hard though, especially given my plan to run another 5-7 km after the race to hit my distance for the weekend.

It's also not too late to make a donation to this run's charity, Because I Am A Girl.  For more information visit their website or check out my blog post on the topic.  If you want to donate, please visit my donation page.  Every little bit helps!


  1. Sweet swag! I'd sign up for that race for the cool goodies. I've never seen a finisher's bracelet before. What a cute idea. Have a great run this weekend!

  2. The bracelet is cool! If I was around this weekend (and not on the injured list) I would have done it! Have to get better for the Half though!
    Good luck and as always, have fun!

  3. Those are great goals - it'll be awesome for you to smash them too!
    I'm totally digging that bracelet as well. I've been wanting some run-inspired jewelry that isn't solely 26.2 or 13.1!