Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bad Runs, Good Runs and Team Tough Chik!

On Sunday I headed out for my first long run in three weeks.  My last long run was 15k on April 15th, just before we left for our trip to Europe.  My original plan called for me to ease back into my long runs when I got back, ideally dropping back and picking it up again.  But then I missed a long run before the trip, signed up for a 10k two weeks before my half, and apparently went crazy.  Those three things added up to me thinking I could do 17k on Sunday.

Shockingly enough, I couldn't do 17k.  I ended up cutting the route short and only running 13.5k.  The good news is that I didn't stop because of pain.  I probably could have kept going if I really pushed myself, and thinking back now I regret not pushing harder.  But overall it wasn't a great run and it might have been better to listen to my body on this one.

I wasn't able to get out running again on Monday or Tuesday, so I really wanted to get out today and tomorrow, knowing I have my 10k on Saturday morning.  I told myself (and the twitterverse) that I was going to run after my chiropractor appointment, full stop.

I got home and the weather was looking iffy.  I decided to put on my rain jacket and longer bottoms and head out.  As I was tying my shoes, it started to pour.  I didn't want to head out in the pouring rain but wouldn't give up, so I kept all my gear on an waited for it to clear up.

The rain let up a bit so I decided to head out.  Little did I know the pouring rain, thunder and lightening was coming!  I got soaked on my short run around my neighbourhood.  I had left my Garmin at home and decided to just enjoy myself, and I did!  I let the rain fall on me, ran the whole thing and sang out loud no matter who was looking at me.  I looked like a crazy person and loved every minute.  It was exactly what I needed to recover from Sunday's run.

I had been thinking of joining Team Tough Chik and decided on my run that running through the pouring rain, thunder and lightening definitely earned me my spot!  I came home and joined as soon as I decided whether to get the visor (I went with just the singlet) and figured out my size.

I am proud to be a member of Team Tough Chik and I'm looking forward to the adventures and friendships I know it will lead to.  If you want to join Team Tough Chik, definitely check out the link!  Spring registration closes on May 13th.

Lastly, I'm still deciding what to do about my race on Saturday morning.  It is a 10k race and I would like to do at least 15k for my long run this weekend.  Would you do a second 5-7k after the race (in my case it will probably be 45 minutes or so after I finish)?  Would it bring me the same benefits as 15-17k continuous?  I probably will not have the chance to run on Sunday due to travelling.  I also have to decide my goals for the race - stay tuned!

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