Monday, April 2, 2012

Toronto Women's Half Marathon Training: Weeks 1-4

I can't believe I haven't updated the blog with my training for the past month!

I am currently training for my second half marathon, the Toronto Women's Half Marathon at the end of May.  It's a relatively small race (I believe 1,500 runners compared to the 19,000 runners in the Princess Half Marathon) and the route is fairly flat, running in three out-and-back legs in a beautiful park.  I have done two 5k races with the same group before (see my reports here and here), and they are well run and intimate feeling.  I'm really looking forward to this being my second half!

The "medal" for the race is also a beautiful necklace, designed by Foxy Originals:

Toronto Women's Half Marathon Finisher's Memento
My training plan originally included speed work and strength training, which ended up being a little too ambitious.  I've been lucky enough to get out to run at least three days a week, and focused on one run being a tempo or race pace, one being long, and one being easy.  If I get in a fourth run it is also a tempo or race pace run.

Over the past four weeks I have done three long runs, getting up to 11km.  I planned to do a 13km run yesterday but the weather was crappy and my stomach was acting up.  I cut it short and thought I would do a 13km run after work today.  It turns out that planning a 13km run after a full day of work isn't the best plan.  I ended up going out for a quick almost 5km run instead.

I've realized that I will miss runs, even long runs, during any given training cycle.  I've accidentally worked some wiggle room into my schedules in the past and worked a bit into this one on purpose.  I have a week "off" at the end of the month because I'm travelling - hopefully I will do a couple easy runs while I'm away - and was planning to ease back in with a repeat of a previous LSD run but instead will go to the next distance in the progression instead.

For details of my last four weeks of training, you can see all the posts on my DailyMile profile.

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  1. That was a great post, thanks for sharing this to us. Looking forward always for more updates, it was a nice marathon training.