Thursday, April 19, 2012

Princess Half Marathon: The final pictures!

I know you can't possibly be tired of hearing about the Princess Half Marathon.  :-)

I finally got my pictures of me from my sister over the Easter weekend, just in case you were wondering whether I was actually there after all those pictures of my sister in my recap posts.

This is near the very beginning, probably around the 2 mile mark?  Someone else might remember better. It was the pirate ship with Jack Sparrow and the other pirates.  It was just starting to get light out:

The first of many awesome character photos:

This was my favourite moment of the race, second only to seeing the castle.  It might seem silly that I was so excited about the Magic Kingdom parking lot sign, but I have so many memories of driving up to that very spot and being so excited about going to the Magic Kingdom.  And here I was, doing something I never thought I would do, with my sister who I've become so close to through the training process, in this place that made me so happy already:

Yes! The Magic Kingdom!  The castle is the halfway point so we must be almost there!  Oh wait... This parking entrance is about a million miles from the actual park...:

The villains, just outside of the Ticket and Transportation Centre if I remember correctly.  Still pretty dark out now that I look back on the pictures:

The Ticket and Transportation Centre.  I was running THAT fast:

Trying to get my picture taken and grab my camera from my belt all at once because we couldn't stop for that long:

This photo is a close as we got to an actual character picture- I actually stood still for more than a second:

The castle!  The castle!  THE CASTLE!

We took this picture for my brother and his best friend as he always got his picture taken with the Indian when they went to the Magic Kingdom to show how much he grew since the last time.  I ran over to the statue and Julie took my picture while she was still running, then we kept going:

This was a "just leave me here to die" moment.  You can see the pirate ship in the background.  I remember we made a deal that I would get to take a walking break after the pirate ship.  As this portion was a bit of "out and back" the pirate ship meant we were less than 5km to the end.  I was exhausted:

Julie walked with me for a bit and someone generously offered to take our picture.  I have no idea what I'm trying to do with my mouth here but I love this picture of us:

This toy solider was yelling at all of us to keep going.  He was very encouraging!  I think it was somewhere around this point on the course was where we saw the Team in Training coach whose shirt said "RICH" on it.  He was being encouraging and amazing to EVERYONE, not just his team.  He yelled at us all to keep our heads up, and our shoulders back, and that we could do it.  It was just what I needed at that moment.  Thank you, stranger/RICH!

High giving the entertainment:

Getting my medal from my new best friend, this lovely guy.  Could I look happier?  I'm going with probably not:

Yes please put that bling on my neck!!

And of course a little fairy dust to help us fly keep walking after the finish line:

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  1. This brings back such good memories! Congrats again Jennie!