Friday, March 30, 2012

LunaBar Love

Oh, hello, blog!  Sorry about the long time, no write.  I will be back to normal posting soon and fill you in on my training for my next half marathon as well as my other adventures.

But right now, I've got to tell you an awesome story.

As some of you know, today is Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day.  Sadly, my package hasn't arrived yet (or was eaten by a hungry post office worker) so I do not have a reveal post for you.  In its place, I have an amazing foodie related post.  (If you want to see what I sent my pen pal, go visit Tamara at Fit Knit Chick!)

You might remember me posting this photo on Twitter before we left Florida, with a tweet about how we stocked up on food that we can't get here at home:

Yummy yummy!

When we packed to go home, we put all of the food in The American's bag.  His bag then got lost in the airport without a luggage tag, sent to lost and found where they tried to page us (unsuccessfully - we thought we heard something then tried to call for help and couldn't find out what was happening) and then rifled through by their staff.  Sadly, they have a policy to throw away all food items (understandably, I suppose).  So when our bag finally made it home a few days later, a few important items were missing:

Less yummy. :-(

Luckily the steak sauce was in a pair of shoes so they apparently didn't find it, and the Nuun was just confusing to them I suppose?  They are the only two things that made it home.  I must admit that we were kind of devastated.  Not to mention kind of angry that we had just lost out on probably $30 worth of food.

Like any good blogger, I took my story to Twitter to whine until I felt better.

Shortly after that, @LUNABar replied on Twitter and offered to try and make up for it if I sent them my address and favourite flavours.  I was floored!  I expected a few "airports suck" and "my baggage never came back at all" replies, but certainly not an offer of LUNA Bars from the company itself.

I provided them with my address, a bit of info about what happened, my favourite flavours and many thanks through DMs, and then this week a wonderful package arrived:

Best mail ever.
(I am a terrible food photographer.  Sorry.)

They sent me some LUNA protein bars, which I can't find here, a few regular LUNA bars in flavours I can't find at home, a lovely reusable tote bag, some chocolate covered coconut flavoured lip balm (which is all natural/petroleum free - I can't wait to try it!) and some temporary tattoos that I am going to sport at my races until they're gone!

I ripped open a chocolate mint protein bar right away - so delicious!  I then took a bunch to work to stash in my desk drawer, because I like to have them on hand when I don't have time to eat or I'm going for a run after work.  That stash came in super handy this week when work got crazy and I lived on protein bars for a couple of days while at the office.  :-)

I didn't offer to write a review and LUNA Bar didn't ask me to write one, nor am I being compensated for any of this beyond the awesome care package they sent me.  I'm telling you all of this because I genuinely love LUNA Bar products and think everyone should try them, and now I love the company itself even more because they reached out to me like this.  I think that really shows that they care about their customers beyond selling them products and making money.  Sure, they are getting some word of mouth from this little blog and on Twitter, but I don't exactly have a huge audience and they didn't have to do anything for me at all.  It's not like it's their fault the airport lost my bag and threw away my food!  I really can't say enough how much appreciate the time they took to send this lovely gift my way.  If you haven't tried their products yet, definitely check them out when you have a chance.

P.S. Not to worry about the rest of the missing food - we sent my parents a shopping list before they left Florida and they are bringing us cookies and even more LUNA Bars. Can't get enough!!

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  1. I love a happy ending.. so nice that LUNABAR reached out to you this way.. awesome good karma going here!

    p.s. does the foodie penpal thing stay within Canada for Canadians who participate?