Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winterman 5k Pre-Race Thoughts & Goals

I had meant to post about signing up for this race earlier, but did not get around to it.  This race wasn't something I planned very far in advance for or even ever imagined I would be doing the week before the Princess Half, but here I am, the night before my first 5k of 2012.

A few weeks ago on Twitter someone mentioned missing races, and I thought about how I did too and wondered if there was an event I could sign up for between then and the Princess Half that would satisfy my craving for a starting line and a medal.  A little googling lead me to the Winterman, an event here in Ottawa that has races of all distances.  I checked whether a 5k would fit with my training schedule and it did - I had a 6k planned for tomorrow.  I signed up shortly after that, in time for a slightly cheaper rate and a souvenir shirt.

I picked up my race kit today at the race location.  The race kit includes a pretty nice cotton t-shirt, some free samples (including Udderly Smooth body cream, an intriguing useable blister prevention bandage called ReSkin, and Zax's Heel Spur Cream, which I'm going to save for after my half marathon I think).  There were also the usual pamphlets and ads, and it came in a reusable bag.  Not a bad race kit at all.

The race starts fairly early tomorrow (8:30 a.m.) which I suppose will be practice for the Princess Half where we have to be in our corrals for 5:00 a.m. for a 6:00 a.m. start (for our wave anyway).  I believe it is a fairly small event - less than 1,000 people in all the events combined - but all the courses are loops and  all distances start at once so I shouldn't be too lonely.

I don't have any real goals for this race other than to run the whole thing because I've had a mental block about running lately - I've been taking walk breaks at least every 10 minutes.  While I don't plan to run the whole Princess Half, I would like to increase my distance between my walking breaks if possible and to have the confidence that I know running a whole 5k will bring me.  My current PR is from the Army Run last September, which was 34:09.  I do not think I'm going to hit that, mostly because I plan to go pretty easy on myself given the Princess Half being only a week away as of yesterday, but I'm not concerned.  The plan is to get out there, enjoy myself, and add some more bling to the collection.

I have also printed off a Run for Sherry bib to wear.  I participated the weekend of the run by dedicating a treadmill run to her, but did not remember to print the bib to put on my treadmill at the gym.  There is also something about running outside in the open air and with a large group of people that is somehow different.  I wanted to dedicate one more run to Sherry and spread more awareness about her story.

After printing the bib I saw a tweet from Beth at Shut Up and Run that included a link to her latest post about Sherry, as more details have been released about her death.  As I recounted the details to The American I got a little teary, and am again now.  It seems fitting to honour Sherry again as these details come to light.


  1. Good luck on your first race of the year!

  2. woooou! Fun. I have the race bug like WOAH - it's been way too long since my last 5k. Keep trying to remind myself march 11 isn't that far... & I think it's awesome you're wearing a bib for Sherry!

    Also - I'm so jealous that you keep finding 5ks that give medals!!! My first bling won't be until my 10 miler in April. I WANT SOME BLING!! lol

    1. I think it might have been your tweet that got me to sign up! lol

      Also - I only sign up for races with medals. I have a complex that goes back to my sister having a zillion medals and trophies for sports when we were younger, when I had one soccer medal and a few medals for stuff like the science fair and being good at math. I should perhaps seek out some professional help. :-)

    2. If I did that I would never be able to race. I've SEARCHED for 5ks with medals so I can feel fancy. :( haha

      However with that being said, I think there are definitely way worse complexes to have. haha