Friday, February 17, 2012

Running with Jeff Galloway!

So I know I said that I wasn't going to try and get into the meet up with Jeff Galloway at the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I know.

And then last night they said the announcement would be this morning, and I began to think about it again.  But I knew I couldn't go without my sister.  So I sent her a very garbled e-mail about how we might get to run with Jeff Galloway, which was enough to get her interested.  We made a very loose plan that consisted of her saying "call me when it's time to sign up" and me sitting at my desk this morning refreshing the Disney Parks blog every ten seconds until the blog post went up.

I had an e-mail ready to go and hit send while texting my sister.  I called her soon after to make sure she got the message.  Then we had to wait another few hours before the e-mails went out to let us know whether we got into the meet-up.

It turns out we both got very very lucky and made the cut of the eighty people who will be lucky enough to go on a training run with Jeff Galloway on Friday morning before the half marathon, along with a question and answer I believe and some other surprises!

This sudden change of plan, plus the sudden decision to book a hotel room, has me even more excited about this holiday and the half marathon!  I'll admit I'm a little worried about maintaining the necessary pace at the meet-up, but I know I'm capable of it, just like I know I'm capable of finishing the half marathon two days after.

Eight sleeps until the half marathon!!


  1. I am excited for you! Look forward to reading about your adventure!

  2. awesome!!! what a way to get ready for your first half!

  3. I ran my first 5K in Ottawa last year too....and signed up for the half marathon this coming May. My training has hit a bit of a slump and I was so excited to find your blog. It is nice to look back and see your journey. Good luck with your first half marathon.....I am very excited for you! Great work.