Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Half Marathon Training: Weeks Ten and Eleven

Wow time really got away from me there!

Here's a brief update on my training:

Week Ten
Tuesday - 3 km (25:00)
Thursday - didn't run as scheduled - went to a networking/drinks thing
Friday - 6 km (47:00)
Sunday - 18 km (2:17:00)

Total mileage: 27 km (highest weekly distance to date!)

Week Eleven
Tuesday - 3.5 km (30:00)
Wednesday - 4.3 km (35:00) - bumped from Thu because of plans with a friend
Friday - bumped to Saturday because my laser eye consult dilated my pupils like crazy
Saturday - too cold!  Didn't run.
Sunday - 10 km (1:26:00) - on the treadmill because it was too cold - shortened my last planned LSD to 10 km because 20 km on a treadmill is just madness

Total mileage: 17.8 km (not quite the 39 km I had scheduled... my training plan was maybe overambitious)

And suddenly the countdown is on!  Only eleven days left until the half marathon is here.  WOW.

I am planning three more runs before we leave for Florida - this Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  The Friday run *might* be a 20km LSD but I can't decide.  I might just do 10km again.  I am worried both about not doing a 20km before the half marathon and about doing one.  I know I am physically capable of completely the half marathon based on the training that I have done, but worry about the mental aspect of running further than I ever have before.  On the other hand, I don't want to push myself too much in the last eleven days before the race.  Another issue is my shoes are on their last legs and I don't want to pound too many more kilometres onto them.  What are your experiences?  Any tips?

In related news, last night my sister and I decided to book a hotel room for the two of us the night before the race.  We were planning on staying off resort with my parents as we will be for the rest of the trip, but wanted to reduce the stress on race day and let our support team sleep in a bit more.  Of course leaving it to almost the last minute means we ended up with a more expensive room than we would have liked, but it also forced us to book a studio room which will have a kitchenette - definitely a good choice for race morning!  We might have booked something cheaper if we had the option and been left scrambling at 3:00 a.m. to find coffee and breakfast.

Lastly, it's been confirmed there will be a Run Disney Princess Meet Up at some point during the weekend, which I understand means running with Jeff Galloway and getting some other treats and tips.  It sounds like it would be awesome and I was fully planning to try and go.  But when I think about it in the context of everything else we've got going on during the trip and all the other people who will be at my parents' house, I've decided not to try and sign up.  Best of luck to everyone who is!



  1. Getting excited for you now, too. I think it is a good idea to stay with your sister the night (or partial night!) before the race. Destination races sound like they can be pretty brutal.

    I think you sound like you are ready!

  2. Sorry for speaking in miles - but my first 1/2 I think I did 11 or 12 miles pre-race. I think with 18 km, you are going to be just fine. So I'd say taper. You want to be at the start line with a lot of gas in your tank! But, if you are feeling really mentally nervous, then do the 20 km.

    Also - you probably already know this, but pay really close attention to nutrition hydration pre-race. is the general tips I use.

    1. Thanks I'm checking it out right now!! Also, 18km is just over 11 miles. I've decided against doing a 20km because I'm more worried about injuring myself before the race than I am about the potential mental block.

  3. If you can run 18 km, you'll be able to do 21. Just take it easy, enjoy the sites and take pictures with Disney characters!