Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today's LSD: The new longest run!

Today my training schedule called for a 12km LSD run.

The weather, however, was calling for this:

Before you think I'm crazy, that's in celsius.
That's about 16oF, feels like 3oF. BRR.
I procrastinated plenty before I finally headed out the door.  I vacuumed, I steam cleaned the spare bathroom floor, I tidied, I drank coffee, I had some scrambled eggs and a scone... I got dressed, I charged my iPod again, I got dressed again in warmer clothes, I went to the bathroom a half dozen times... But in the end, the battle wasn't between doing it or not - it was between doing it outside or on the treadmill.  And when I thought about the 10km LSD run I did on the treadmill the answer was obvious.  I bundled up and headed out.

My last run I looked like this at the end:

That's my desperate and cold face.
So I put my balaclava on too for good measure.  I ended up putting it up and down throughout the run and being bothered occasionally by my exposed forehead, but it was the right choice.

My run took me over the bridge (much less cold than I thought it would be and the sidewalk was much clearer too) and into Quebec.  I looped around and over the next bridge back into Ontario.  The view is always worth it.

Parliament buildings from the bridge.
I thought briefly about stopping in the mall for a bathroom break but decided to keep going.  By this point I had about 4km out of the way already and was going to start fuelling.  I brought Clif Shot Bloks with me and some Nuun.  I was running 1km and walking 100m, and started alternating Shot Bloks with Nuun and Nuun only on my walking breaks at this point.

You might remember that I received some Shot Bloks for free a while back to review.  This was actually the first time I ate them while running.  I'm happy to say they were easy to deal with - I ripped open the package (my teeth were involved but it wasn't so bad) then squeezed one block out of the top each time.  No sticky fingers, no packaging to throw away, and easy to stick back in my pocket in between.  Also easy to consume while moving.  I will definitely be using these in the future!

One downer about the Shot Bloks is that it was so cold out they started to freeze somewhat.  I don't know if they would ever freeze all the way through, but they were definitely extra chewy.  I tried to deal with it by sucking on the block for a while before chewing and this seemed to help.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I thought of storing them closer to my body (I kept them in my jacket pocket) but that might be awkward when I wanted to access them.

After the bridges, my route took me up the Rideau Canal, which is currently being prepped to be the world's largest skating rink:

Flooding the canal.
(It used to be the world's longest skating rink but that title was apparently stolen by a city in Winnipeg.  Apparently the Rideau Canal still has the largest square footage though because it is much wider.  So take that, Winnipeg.  Though apparently we're both going to have some competition this year from Invermere, British Columbia.)

Since there wasn't a bridge I could access easily at the point I wanted to turn around, I decided to just do an out and back up one side once I knew I had run far enough that it my "back" route would put me at about 12km.

There are convenient distance markers on the canal when it's prepped for skating in case you don't want to look at your Garmin:

These markers are also convenient when you forget to turn your Garmin back on after taking a picture.  After taking this picture, I ran 0.4 km according to the canal signs without my Garmin clocking any distance or time.  Oops.  I turned the Garmin back on and kept running until my next walk break, so ended up running and extra 400 metres.  Nothing wrong with that!

Thanks to that mess up and the fact that I refused to stand still long enough for the satellites to click in at first (it was cold!), my Garmin was a bit off.  I added to my run by running around an extra block because I was determined to have a picture of my Garmin with at least 12 km on it:

Did it!
I double checked my route later on and discovered that I actually ran just over 13 km today!  Not bad!  With my timing mess up on the canal I would estimate I finished the distance in about 1:46.  I'm pretty stoked after my 10km treadmill LSD took 90 minutes.

I didn't stretch very well when I got home because I was freezing!  I warmed up and hopped in the shower right away.  I think I should probably try and get some stretching in now before bed or I will pay for it dearly tomorrow.

Stay tuned for a summary of the whole week of training!

Any suggestions for sub-zero winter fuelling?

How was your long run (or other run or race) this weekend?


  1. way to get it lady!! Especially in the cold, uffff! It seems the longer/more intense my training for the day is the worse the weather tends to be. Jerk. haha.

    You're going to do awesome at the disney princess half! :D

  2. Great job getting out in the cold alone. Brr. Disney is going to feel tropical.