Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Half Marathon Training: Weeks Eight and Nine

I can't lie - these weeks are combined because Week 7 was pretty much non-existent and too sad to post on its own!  After Week 8 though I'm feeling much better and much more confident.

Week Eight

Monday: Bikram Yoga
Tuesday: Approximately 2.5 km in 20 minutes? I don't remember exactly.  I was working on my form in my new shoes and got really tired and frustrated pretty quickly.
Wednesday: Rest - chiropractor day!
Thursday: Rest - late at work
Friday: Rest - didn't write down why
Saturday: Rest - didn't write down why!
Sunday: Running form training clinic instead of planned 16km LSD - bumped to next week

Total mileage: Practically nothing

After this week, I tweeted "Looking back on the week, I ran only once plus the training clinic. WTF, Past Jenn? You'll never finish the half like this! #princesshalf"  I was really tired and frustrated with myself.  I knew I could pick it up again and at the end of the day things will be okay as long as I don't let one bad week affect the rest of my training, but even looking back on the week I feel bad.

Week Nine

Monday: Bikram Yoga - went for a half hour and gave up.  It was going really poorly because I was PMS'ing and ate curry for dinner shortly before (bad call).
Tuesday: Rest - sick
Wednesday: Rest - I was sick and even stayed home from work 
Thursday: 4.4 km in about 40 minutes - felt great to get back on the treadmill after being sick
Friday: 5.7 km in about 44 minutes - awesome run while watching What Not to Wear.  I ran a pretty steady pace and went faster on all the commercials.  I'll be repeating this workout.
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 16km LSD in approximately two hours!  Awesome run.

Total mileage: 26.1

Even with my Tuesday rest day, I was only about 3 km shy of my planned mileage for the week. It helped that I did a 16 km LSD when my schedule called for only 10 km.  


  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of training - but we manage to get back on track! Looks like week 9 is "back on track" to me!!!

  2. Way to get back on track. That is what counts the most.