Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

I only finished two runs last week.  Not good.

But one of them was a new distance goal completed on one of the coldest days yet.  Very good.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Yoga and stretching in lieu of my planned run - right hip was sore
Wednesday: Weekly chiropractic treatment - beat up that right hip!
Thursday: 5.1km in about 41 minutes - treadmill
Friday: Rest - felt like I was getting sick
Saturday: Rest - too damn cold!
Sunday: 14km LSD in just under 2 hours.  Very very cold - pictures from this run to come!

Total distance: 19.1km

I've started to write everything on my training plan on the fridge - if I run, I put the distance and time.  If I do cross training, I write that down.  If I didn't run, I write down why.  It's been a great tracking tool.  Instead of blank spaces where I didn't run, I have to be accountable as to what I did instead or why I sat on my butt.  I think I'll keep it for the scrapbook!

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  1. Nice job! Keep it up. The cross training will help as well.