Friday, December 2, 2011

On Running and Not Running

On running....

I had an AWESOME run last night.  I did 5km and finished in 34:00 on the nose according to my Garmin.  I wanted to maintain a 6:53 pace and came in under that.  (I read my training schedule wrong and should have run this one slower, but that's okay.)  It runs out that running in the cold makes me fast!  Who knew?

I'm running mostly pain free which is a relief.  I have my first "long" run on my training schedule for this weekend and I'm looking forward to increasing my distances.  Hopefully my chiro won't say no when I tell her my plans!

Last night, I wore my tights, long sleeve shirt, jacket and hat.  It was about 0oC and that's what Runner's World told me to wear for feeling "in between", and it worked.  It suggested gloves too but 1) I don't know where my cheapo gloves went and don't own running gloves yet and 2) my hands actually get stupid sweaty when I'm running.  My fingers were freezing for less than a kilometre and then I was fine.

If your hands sweat like mine, what kind of gloves do you suggest?

I will also need more cold weather gear as last night's get up was just about perfect for the temperature and I know it will get a whole lot colder.  What's your favourite winter go to as a top layer?

Running in the dark and cold, with my breath showing in front of me and my tunes going after another stupid crazy day at work was just what I needed.  It was amazing.

Unfortunately, I got home and my body shut down.  Pounding headache, sweaty chills, spinning and exhausted.  Probably due to the very little amount of food I had all day.  I crawled into bed and napped for a couple of hours.  Win.  I hope it was all because of the food or something to do with yesterday and not something that happens every time I run in the cold!  Any experience with this?

On not running...

Last night we booked our Christmas trip!  I asked The American if we could go to NYC this year instead of buying each other presents and he was game.  Yay!  My in-laws offered us some travel points so our flights were relatively cheap, and we scored an amazing hotel on Hotwire.

I have always wanted to go to NYC at Christmas - to see Rockefeller Centre, the shop windows, FAO Schwartz... There is so much to do!  We will be there for three nights and two full days.  Anything we absolutely must see?  Any tips on where to get tickets to The Book of Mormon that are mostly legal, trustworthy and not stupid expensive?  And who wants to take me on a run around Central Park?

More on Christmas....

I got my ornament from my ornament swap partner.  It's an adorable lime green penguin ornament!  So cute.  I will be posting more about it in a separate post.

I really need to get something for my Bloggy Secret Santa recipient.  I have two ideas and want one more little thing.

I will be sending out my cards soon, including my holiday card exchange cards.  I can't wait to put up the tree, listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, and spread the Christmas love.  So much will be going on at work in the next week so there won't be a lot of time until next weekend, but you better believe I'm going to go Christmas crazy all up in here once next week is over.

Lastly, a Larabar giveaway is coming in the next couple days, I promise!  Stay tuned!


  1. I have some gloves from Lululemon but I don't love em. They're not very warm.

    Christmas in New York sounds like fun! Post pictures when you get back!

  2. 1)honestly, just get cheap dollar store gloves! My hands sweat too, and if I took them off along the way and lost one, I wouldn't care! The expensive ones are no better!
    2)It's all about the layers... i ran all last winter, and my go-to outfit is bra, tanktop,long sleeved, tshirt, then jacket! Perfect all winter long! Invest is a good pair of cold weather pants tho, or your quads will ache!
    You're doing amazing! When you're home our way sometime, let's run together! xo

  3. I just wear cheapo dollar store gloves to run in too and then I don't feel bad if I lose them either.

    My go to for cold cold weather is my under armour coldgear mock turtle neck and a running jacket from Champion. I wear tights with cold weather jogging pants over the top and put toe warmers in my shoes. I hate cold feet! This is what I wear for under 15 degrees F plus a hat and gloves.

  4. Hey lady! Just saw this post and wanted to say YEAH! Excited for your upcoming trip to NYC. We stayed at the New York Palace on our trip was fabulous - and an EXCELLENT location to everything! Let me know if you need notes on anything...I tried to do a bit of research before we went and I think I kept everything :)

  5. @daydreamsandshoestrings - Good to know the fabulous-ness of the hotel is not just in my head! I am SO excited about staying there. I hear it's all done up fro Christmas. Any absolute must sees?

  6. I'm so glad you liked your ornament! I still haven't gotten mine but I'll let you know as soon as I get it, I can't wait!

    One of my good friends lives near NYC and I try to visit her often. I really like walking around Grand Central station. It's pretty amazing. Definitely get a run (or walk) through Central Park. I really like the Banc Cafe at 30th & 3rd. And if you walk past a Crumbs, that's a sign to go in and eat a cupcake!

    I tend to get really hot when I run but I hate being too cold to start out. The best gloves that I've found are the Athleta base miles gloves. They are really thin & lightweight but keep my hands warm & dry. I've done the cheapo gloves and once my hands got sweaty they were freezing. When it's really cold I'll wear an under armour winter running shirt with a lightweight running jacket (a windbreaker would do) over it. I hope this helps!