Sunday, December 11, 2011

Half Marathon Training: Week Two

I'm pleased to say this week went much better than last week, although only because I got off my butt this weekend!

My training plan called for three 5km runs and one 8km run.  More craziness at work prevented me from getting out during the week but I managed to fit in three runs.

Monday: 6.5 km - my long run from last week.  I was so happy to do more than 5 km!  I was a little achy for a few days afterwards, so I decided not to jump to 8 km this week.

Saturday: 5 km - a steady run at around my race pace.  It felt awesome to get out there after a long week of working and not looking after myself.

Sunday: 7 km - long run at about an 8:00 minute/kilometre pace.  This run felt good other than really needing a bathroom break around the half way point.  I was passing the mall so I ducked in and took a much needed break.  The brief break from running also helped me pick my pace back up after slowing down around that point.

Total mileage (kilometre-age?): 18.5 kilometres

This coming week I plan to do four runs - three here before we head out for holidays and my long run at my in-laws' place.  I might change this around because I'm not familiar with their neighbourhood so finding a route for a long run might be difficult.  My long run might get bumped to before we leave for holidays.  I'm hoping for my total distance to be at least 24 km.

In other news, my purple skirt from Team Sparkle arrived and I am SO excited.  It's even more awesome than I imagined.  I can't wait to wear it for my half marathon!  I might have worn it around the house that night.

I am considering getting a pair of these arm sleeves from Running Skirts.  I like the idea of the cuffin and will probably need the warmth at the start of the half marathon.  The pink also goes with my costume.  Any one have experience with Running Skirts arm sleeves?

I realized today as well that I already have the perfect pink sparkly headband from Sparkly Soul!

Curious about my costume?  It's going to look a little something like this.  (Too bad I'm not a barefoot runner!)  :-)


  1. way to go on training this week!

    As a PF person and a runner, I have to share this. The best and cheapest sleeves (that I used) were some $2 knee socks from Target that I cut off to turn them into sleeves. Then they are disposable enough that you don't have to carry them with you when/if you want to take them off, just ditch them at an aid station. And they have some fun colors!

    That being said, those pink ones are very cute and I'm sure a bit more comfortable!

  2. That will be such a cute outfit! I love team sparkle skirts. I have a yellow one and can't decide what color to get next. I want them all!

  3. Thanks so much for the awesome gift!!! I posted about it. :)

  4. Love the costume! Especially the sparkly skirt.