Monday, December 19, 2011

Half Marathon Training: Week Three

I only did ONE run this week.  Oops.

But it was my long run, which I hear is what matters the most.

Work was ridiculous as I tried to catch up.  I was also scrambling to make Christmas happen - shopping, baking, hosting my work party, etc.

I finally hit the pavement on Sunday afternoon, going for an 8km run around my in-laws' neighbourhood. I had planned to be running longer at this point, but decided to ease into the longer distances.  I am confident I'll still be able to hit my distance goals before the race and I am less worried about hurting myself.

My run was 8km and took me just under 1:20.  I felt good almost the entire time.  A little sore afterwards - my knee and ankle are definitely making themselves known - but already feeling better today.

This week's goal is at least one run in New York City while we're on holidays and then another LSD at my in-laws' next weekend.

And now we're off to NYC!

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  1. My running totally sucked last week too. Life seems to get so busy this time of year!