Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Half Marathon Training: Week One

Things did not go as planned.  Do they ever?  Are we really surprised at all?  From my runs to the pretty graphic I had made for these training posts and can't seem to find now, things are not good for Week 1.

This week I had FOUR runs on the agenda - three 5 km runs and one "long" run of 6.5 km.

After all plans to run on Tuesday were thrown out the window by work commitments, I made it out for my planned run on Thursday evening.  It was cold and dark but I bundled up and strapped on the headlamp and got out there.  As you already know, this run was awesome.  Put one in the win column for this week.

Saturday morning was supposed to be the Santa Shuffle, but I moved my chiropractor appointment to Saturday morning due to the aforementioned work commitments, which messed up being able to go to a run that was scheduled for shortly beforehand on the other side of town.  Also, it was cold.  Yes, I'm a wimp.  I slept in and then we spent the day getting stuff done - more stuff that hadn't happened all week due to work, like relaxing and watching The Muppets (awesome, by the way).  Put one in the winning-at-life column and no points in the running win column.

The weekend turned into a bit of a write off run wise.  I was really pumped to go for my 6.5 km run on Sunday - FINALLY something longer than 5 km!  We ran some more errands and then I got dressed to go out even though by that point I had somehow lost my mojo.  Turns out I got underdressed.  Within five minutes I was cold, wet and unhappy.  This did not help.  I also just couldn't get into the run - my pace was off, I was carrying a water bottle which I never do (and won't again - hated it) and things weren't clicking.  I rounded the block and went inside after just under 1km.

Overall - a terrible training week.  Good news is that I got my 6.5 km run in at the start of Week 2, which you will hear about next week!  It's a fresh week and it's going to suck less, because I say so.  It can only get better from here.


  1. Good for you for starting out week 2 strong! I'm running a half in the beginning of March and need to figure out my plan.

  2. We all have bad weeks, don't give up and don't stress about it. The important thing is to get your long runs in. You can do this!

  3. Chock it up to experience and ROCK week 2!

  4. Yep, I agree with the previous commenters, NO WORRIES! You have plenty of weeks to catch up ;)
    and I am so jealous you are running that half...if I was going to run a half, I'd want it to be the Disney Princess one!