Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Racing Dreams

I wanted to do a post with all the races I planned to do this year, but I'm having trouble deciding on races and thus haven't signed up for any beyond my half marathon in February.  I thought I would share with you instead all the races I am thinking about doing, and see if anyone has thoughts on them.  If you are in the area of any of these races and want to push for a certain race so we can meet up, please do!  I love meeting new strangers from the internet friends!

One issue that is stopping me from making decisions right now is not knowing how my half marathon is going to go.  If it's awesome I want to do more this year.  If it sucks, I will probably feel the opposite (though there's something to be said for "try, try again").  And not knowing how it will go, I am also not sure how many I could handle in a year.

With all that chatting out of the way, here are my racing dreams for 2012:

February - The Disney Princess Half Marathon!

March - A St. Patrick's Day run, either in Toronto with friends or in Ottawa.

April - There is the Yonge Street 10k in Toronto as well as a half-marathon in Montreal.

May - I'm 99% sure I'm traveling to Halifax to do the 10k with a friend.  I can't wait to be back in Halifax!  I'm hoping the hills don't kill me.  I'll also be doing a race at Ottawa Race Weekend, which is where I ran my first ever 5k race last year.  I can't decide on a distance though - it will likely be either the 10k or the half marathon.  There's also a semi-local run that goes partially through the Diefenbunker (oh no, my Garmin won't work down there!)

June - I can't find anything for this month.  Suggestions?

July - I'm considering going to Toronto for the Beaches Jazz Tune Up Run - either the 5k or the 10k.

August - More travel to Toronto for this month!  I'm looking at the Toronto Womens' Run (5k or 10k) and maybe even the Midsummer Nights Run.

September - There are so many races I want to do in September.  I guess everyone schedules for September because it's finally cool enough to be racing again.  I'm considering the Army Run (last year's race report here), the Zoo Run (last year's race report here), or maybe even the Montreal Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon!

October - There is another Toronto Womens' Run in October, and I think I will do the 8k if we can travel to Toronto again.  There's also a local race called Fall Colours, which offers varying distances.  Lastly, there's the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon.  Decisions!

November - If I've caught the half marathon bug, I'll consider another half marathon this month - the Mission Possible Half in Ottawa.

December - Nothing for this month yet!

Any suggestions for other races or comments on the above?  What are your 2012 racing plans?

If you haven't yet, please check out my post on Sherry Arnold, a missing runner in Sidney, Montana and take a moment to think about your own safety, to say a prayer/wish for Sherry and her family, and to make a call if you have any information.


  1. Wow, that is a lot of running! I'm planning on the Robbie Burns 8k at the end of Jan, the Chilly Half at the start of March, Around the Bay 30k at the end of March and the Mississauga Marathon on May 6th. Beyond that, I don't know. I'll do the zoo run again for sure. My plan for the summer to to improve short distance speed so those will be the races I enter, likely with a fall half marathon to hit goal time (1h55m). I may do MidSummer as well... I have to decide!

    1. It's definitely more races than I plan on doing! This list is mostly "here's everything I'm considering so I don't forget". This year I think will be "I love racing and I want to enter everything" and then next year will be an actual strategic plan of hitting PRs.

  2. Hey, so I've heard of a run called the Warrior Dash. It's about a 5k run but has maybe 8 or so different obstacles that make you into a warrior. Jumping over fire, crawling under barbed wire, etc. To me it looks pretty cool and might just be the motivator I need to actually start to run. At the end you get a medal, a vikings hat, and a pint of beer.