Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Running Swap?

I remember reading a post in my Reader a few weeks ago about someone doing a running blogger Canada-only Christmas swap/gift exchange.  Now I can't find it anywhere!

I have recently signed up for the Ornament Swap on Dolce Vita and it reminded me of the running swap I had read about.

Does anyone know of anyone organizing a running blog gift swap for Christmas?  If not, would folks be interested if I organized one?  Thought I would put the idea out there!  Let me know!


  1. I am going to sign up for the ornamanet swap too! Sounds fun! Thanks for letting me know about it! I like the running gift swap too! But I won't be able to move to Cananda in time for Christmas. Does it have to be just Canada?

  2. @Betsy - It doesn't have to be just Canada - that's just the one that I had seen. We could definitely do Canada/US!