Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Sparkly Soul Headbands (closed)

I recently won two Sparkly Soul headbands in a giveaway hosted by Christy at My Dirt Road Anthem.  I wanted to share the love with you so I asked to host a giveaway of my own and they agreed!

I picked a thick black headband and a thin pink headband for my prizes.  Sparkly Soul generously provided me two additional headbands, both in silver, to review.

Sparkly Soul Headbands are non-slip, elastic headbands that are sparkly ALL THE WAY AROUND.  They remind me of my synchronized swimming days.  They give your run (or other activity) a little bit of sparkle and fun - which is becoming more and more important to me now that winter is here!

Can you say Christmas party accessory?

(Why yes, I am wearing my latest race t-shirt.)

Their website states that the "patent pending design makes certain that your headbands stay in place - no matter how intense your sports or fitness activity."  I wore my thick headband to work two days in a row and it stayed in place all day long.  I wore my thin pink headband out for a run on Tuesday night, and it stayed in place too!  Bonus points - even though the run was terrible, I was happy at the end when I remembered I was wearing my lovely pink and sparkly headband.

Disclaimer: I wasn't quite THIS happy.
But still - much happier due to the sparkle!

Some headbands promise to be non-slip, but they have a little bit of elastic at the back where it isn't non-slip.  I know a lot of previous reviews have pointed this out already, but I think it's a key selling feature and deserves to be mentioned again.  These headbands have the same non-slip lining all the way around:

On the silver band, the lining is silver/grey.

This is especially important for me because the back of my head is where most of my loose hairs are (can I get a holler from everyone else who is growing out their hair and trying to make ponytails?!)  I have no idea how they do it, even now that I have my headbands.  They're sparkly, non-slip, stretchy and adorable from end to end to end.

A couple bobby pins for good measure and I'm set!

On top of all that, they weren't too tight or too loose, didn't give me a "headband headache" (you know what I'm talking about) and didn't itch.

The fabric itself is sparkly, as opposed to something that has glitter on it that might come off, and it's not made of sequins that might look a little too much like what I wore when I was a synchronized swimmer.  It almost has the texture of velcro and it just shines.  It's hard to describe but trust me they look great.  (I'm not a star photographer - sorry.)

Check out that sparkle!

They also come in ten fantastic, sparkly colours:

Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink... oh my!

Sparkly Soul has agreed to provide two headbands (one thick, one thin) to the winner of this giveaway.  Want a chance to rock your own sparkle?  Enter this giveaway now!  What are you waiting for?  :-)

How to enter:

1. Comment on this post with your answer to this question - Where will you wear your Sparkly Soul headbands?  This entry is mandatory.  (1 entry)

2. Like Sparkly Soul on Facebook. (+1 entry)

3. Follow this blog through Google Friend Connect (use the "Join this site" button in the right sidebar) (+1 entry)

4. Tweet the message "Check out @JennieRunning for a chance to wine a @SparklySoulInc headband!" (Please use the "Tweet" link in the Rafflecopter and it will include a link to this post.) (+1 entry)

I am using Rafflecopter to run the giveaway.  The only comment you need to leave below is for the mandatory entry - you then fill out the Rafflecopter form to let me know how many entries you get for the mandatory entry and any extra entries. Only entries submitted through the Rafflecopter will count.  If you haven't used Rafflecopter before, there's a video here on how to use it.  Please note that all entries will be verified before selecting a winner.

The giveaway will be open for entries until 12:01 a.m. on November 11, 2011.  I will announce the winner here and contact him/her by e-mail if one is provided.  The winner will have one (1) week to claim their prize, at which time if I haven't heard from him/her I will pick another winner.

Disclaimer: I received two headbands at no cost from Sparkly Soul to review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own; I was not compensated to give any certain opinion or provide any particular information.


  1. I would wear them when I work out. And maybe when I go out.. they are sparkly after all!

  2. I would wear my headbands to the gym, and if they really stay on, I'll wear them running too!

  3. I would wear my Sparkly Soul headband while running, to the gym and even out shopping!

  4. Dear Jenny - I have a funnily shaped head and have -literally- never had a headband that didn't slip off the back. If the Sparkly Soul headband works as you claim, I would wear it ALWAYS; including, but not limited to: running, walking the dog, shopping - both with combed and uncombed hair, to work on Fridays with tights and boots, and to the Christmas parties I'm attending should I be able to find a top to match.

  5. I would wear one for the holidays! Love that you can wear your hair up with these since there is no elastic there!

  6. The gym, soccer and even work! I think they are too cute

  7. I'm training for my first half marathon, too! The Tinkerbell Half in January... I would wear them EVERYWHERE, especially on my runs to keep my little obnoxious hairs off my face. I feel ya on that one!

  8. I would wear the while teaching my Zumba classes, hitting the elliptical, or on those tshirt-and-Nike-shorts kind of days. ;) I've entered so many giveaway for these. I want one so bad!

  9. i will wear my sparkly soul headbands for my runs, races and running errands around town! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  10. i like sparkly soul on fb! [username karen r m] runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  11. I think I hit preview not post before. I'm silly. I'd give my hand band to my sister who has never found a hairband that stays on her little head!

  12. I would wear my sparkly soul headband every day when I go to the gym.

  13. I would wear them when I run/workout and probably when I'm lazy and throw my hair up to go out! :)

  14. I would definitely wear these running! I am SO EXCITED that the back is also grippy. I have such a hard time keeping these things on my head, and even BicBands slip off.

  15. I will wear my Sparkly Soul headband at the Curling Rink! Perfect as I'm also trying to grown out my hair and keep it out of my eyes while sweeping.

  16. I would wear them to work and running. Love the sparkles!

  17. I would do this on the Rafflecopter but it is not on here. Posting on my FB page

  18. Would wear a headband for all workouts...hate all the loose hairs that fall out of the ponytail!

  19. I am dying for one of these!!! I hate the headbands I have because they are all too tight or slip off. I'd wear my SparklySoul to the Princess Half Marathon in Feb (and all the other races I'm doing before then). Hope I win!

  20. I would wear them running and probably everywhere!

  21. I would wear them running, biking and to yoga oh and for weight training too!