Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Half Marathon Training Plan!

Alright, here goes!

I've decided it's a perfect time to commit to a half marathon training plan.  I am finally running 5km or so without pain during or after (other than the usual aches that I am able to run through) and my first half marathon is about three months away (in fact, the race is three months from yesterday!)

I knew the smart approach was to make a plan, instead of panicking about how I am going to get from where I am to kicking some Disney Princess butt.  (Can I even say Disney and butt in the same sentence?)  I remembered that Betsy is running her first half marathon this coming weekend (Go, Betsy!) and I knew she was using a 12-week plan, so I checked out her page to find out what she used.  From there I found the Hal Higdon training plans.  Checking out his plans, I decided to use the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan.

I have modified it slightly to add a week on the end with just a bit of running, partly as a taper and partly due to the fact that we will probably be travelling the weekend before the half marathon so I won't be up for a 20 km run!  I've also modified the long run schedule a bit to fit my plans.

You'll also notice two notes - "SS" and "VRR" - this are two races to keep me going.  The "SS" is our local Santa Shuffle 5k (which I hope I will be able to do despite the craziness at work) and the "VRR" is Amanda's Run to the Finish Virtual Resolution Run.  Check out her blog for info on how to join!

So here we go.... I'm posting my training schedule here and will be posting it on my fridge too.  (As usual, click through to see it full sized.) It's time to "say it, do it!" for this half marathon!

(To prevent further confusion: This is in kilometres. I am not that hardcore.)

I haven't decided what my cross-training will be.  It might be swimming or cycling, depending on what I can find that is convenient and close by.

I'll be sure to keep you posted!


  1. Looks like you have a good plan! Good luck with your running and training!

  2. Nice looking plan! I like how you meshed together plans to make one right for you!!!!

  3. True story: I forgot you use kilometers and not miles and thought you were planning on a 20 mile training run.

    And I was like daaaaaang she's hard core!!

    Yeah, I'm slow =)

  4. @Danielle Haha that would be REALLY hard core. I'm not that hard core at all. LOL