Saturday, November 26, 2011

Everyone Loves Saturday

Last night I realized a whole week had passed since my last post.  I thought it must have been even longer though, since all the days are blurring together right now.  It is crazy at work and I've been at the office every day lately.  So everyone loves Saturday, and I love it right now because the office is quiet and I can wear my comfy clothes and get stuff done.

I don't have time or even the content for a full update right now, so you get the following random bits of info to keep you coming back for more...

- I sent my Christmas ornament for the Dolce Vita Ornament Swap and my buddy told me she sent me hers.  I am paranoid right now that it will arrive broken or she will hate it.  I haven't bought anything for my recipient for Serendipity's exchange but I'm a little less worried about sending that quickly since my buddy is in Canada so shipping will be faster.

- I've been listening to CBC all day at the office.  The news keeps covering the Mars Rover which everyone seems pretty pumped about.  I should really pay more attention to this kind of thing.

- While at the office today, we got a delivery from an office supply company.  I was super surprised that they deliver on a Saturday, especially given their last attempt was apparently yesterday afternoon after our office closed for the weekend and he would have seen the sign that had our office hours on it.  Oh well.

- Yesterday was a miserable day at work, with all sorts of things being thrown at me that were keeping me from doing what I really needed to do.  The correct answer to "I had a bad day" would have been "go for a run" but I went with the second best answer "go spend too much money at Lululemon".  A couple hundred dollars later, I feel much better and I'm super comfy here in my office today.  I was pretty unimpressed with the service though - two handsome/cute boy employees engaged me, but the young female employees all looked like they belonged at American Apparel instead of Lululemon and seemed much more interested in helping their friends and other young, cute females who looked like they belonged at American Apparel as opposed to the likes of me.  Anyone else experience this?

- And also on Lululemon, I love the products I buy and I'm glad they still make the standards, but I'm noticing more and more crazy products on their shelves and site.  It's becoming less efficient, well designed exercise wear and more spandex that you're supposed to wear during the day and exercise clothes with ruffles.  Unimpressed.

- My half marathon is in three months.  Scary.  Today I'm determined to go for a run that is longer than 5k and to start increasing my distance slowly.  Every time I talk to my mom she seems to suggest this is the worst idea ever, which is not helping.  I know she is looking out for me but I really need her and my sister to say "you can do it!" instead of "are you sure?"  Such is life.

- It snowed for the first time this week and reminded me that winter running is probably going to suck and I'm wondering if a February half marathon is a bad idea for the timing of training alone.  But for now it's back up in the double digits (celsius) so I will run in my cropped pants and enjoy it while I can.

- The American is being awesome during this crazy time at work, really taking care of things at home which makes me super happy.  It makes me feel bad that I didn't get my act together for American Thanksgiving this year (I usually try and do something for him).  I am going to owe him big time when work finally calms down.

- Lastly, I received and ate all my Larabars for my review and they were DELICIOUS.  The coconut flavour especially was surprisingly awesome.  Stay tuned for my review and giveaway.  (See, now you HAVE to come back.)


  1. Hope your week gets less crazy.

    I've never had a bad experience at a Lululemon store but I do agree that some of their merchandise is a bit weird sometimes. Have you seen the Lululemon tutu????

  2. Not impressed with Lululemon at the best of times. But LARAbars, now that is something that I do LOVE.... I didn't take anytime to finish mine when they arrived!

    Will look forward to your review and giveaway.

    Have a great weekend, Jennifer.

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