Monday, October 3, 2011

Say It, Do It: Being gentle with myself edition.

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If you’re new to SIDI here’s some info: At the beginning of each week on Fit Chick in the City “Say it, Do it” is a chance for everyone to commit to their workouts for the week by saying them out loud and keeping each other accountable.

I'm not quite off the bench yet, but on Saturday my chiropractor gave me permission to try running this week.  I was supposed to go for an easy jog tonight and if I was pain free I could join the running clinic group for our 4k run tomorrow.  

I'm happy to say I've been pain free most of the day, but sad to say that I didn't get out and run tonight because the weather is crap here.  So instead of going for an easy jog as a test, I'm declaring that my pain free walk to and from work is good enough for me and I will try running tomorrow with the 2:30 pace group (instead of the 2:15 group because I don't think I'm up for the challenge quite yet).

Hopefully tomorrow night's run is good.  Either way I'm back at the chiropractor on Wednesday to be beat up again, and I'm sure I'll pay the price if the run was a poor choice.

This week I hope to get out there and do two runs - tomorrow with the clinic and another easy run on my own so long as the pain stays away.  I know I have to ease back into it.  Even though it's only been a week off, it's been a week off due to pain - not laziness - and I need to take care of myself accordingly so I'm not out of the half marathon before I even begin training.

I'm also going to try and make an effort this week to start exploring cross training ideas and maybe commit to something regular if I can.  I know that I can't just run anymore.  I also want something to do during these times that running isn't an option.  I want to find something that is both affordable and that fits into my schedule.  Between race fees and chiropractor visits I can't really afford any fancy gym memberships and fitting running in 3-4 times a week is hard enough already.

I will be finalizing my half marathon training schedule soon too and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

How do you avoid the temptation to jump right back in when your injuries start healing?

Do you cross train regularly?  What are your favourite cross training activities?

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  1. Good luck with getting back into it. I had a knee issue this summer and was off for two long weeks. I eased back into things and have continued to do all of the stretched that Physio recommended. For cross training, I like to drink wine.