Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goals: TO Women's Runs 5k, Take 2!

This weekend is my last 5k race of the year (I think?).  I'm heading to Toronto to run another 5k race with TO Women's Runs.  Last time I ran a 5k with them it was a fantastic experience (and a PB!) and I'm looking forward to running this event again.

I was going to set myself ABC time goals like I did with the Oasis Zoo Run and the Army Run, even though I had decided this race was all about having fun.  I've changed my mind again though!  I will not be setting ABC goals this time around.

My goal for this race is going to be driven instead by the goal of Andrea at Fit RA Chick, which is to set a PB for her of under 39 minutes.  Last time I ran this race, my friend Jess pushed me to a PB and it was awesome.  I'm taking this opportunity to pass it on and push a stranger from the internet new friend to a PB too.

If you're a the race as well feel free to stop by and say hi!  We're meeting at the bag check at 9:30.  

After the race I have a full day of brunch and wandering Toronto and see family for dinner!  It's going to be a great weekend.  :-)

Stay tuned for my race report!


  1. Have a great time! How nice of you to be paying it forward.

    Hope your new friend meets here goal.

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow! It'll be fun.