Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Longest Run: 9k!

Yesterday I went on my longest run to date.  I did six 10/1 run/walk intervals and finished with about 8 minutes of walking for a cool down.  In just about 1 hour and 15 minutes, I covered approximately 9km!  (After my last longest run (8k) I felt really ill about an hour later so I tried to do a nice long cool down to avoid what I think was a crash.)

I ran this route clockwise.

I ran my usual route backwards, starting on the river then heading up and down the canal before heading home on the street.  (Sparks Street, to be exact, which turned out to be a poor choice given all the hoards of tourists who don't know how to walk and kept blocking the path.)  It turns out that my lovely, well planned route which is carefully mapped to go downhill a lot and uphill very little becomes a lot of uphills when done backwards.

But - it also turns out that this girl who could barely walk up the big hill by the locks at the beginning of this summer can now just about run up the whole thing!  Luckily there was a walking break immediately after I finished the hill (and okay, I might have started the walking break 45 seconds early).

Hello, hill.  (Up the right hand side.)
(Image source.)  (I will take out my camera on a run soon and document my route.  It's really beautiful and I'm sad to think of where I will run when winter snow closes the river path.)

I thought I started out fairly quick and slowed considerably by the end, but my splits look like I actually maintained a decent pace almost the entire time.  I felt great until the last 10 minute run.  At that point I did a little bit more walking before I started running and took a brief walking break somewhere in the middle.  I also ran slower during that last run.

Distances are in km and are a little off due to the
tall buildings + Garmin problem.  GMAP said total
ran was about 9.25 km but even that isn't perfect.
This run was on a Friday after a 5k race on the previous Saturday, which helped my fears of the 5k on a Sunday/10k on a Saturday that I have coming up at the end of the month.

When I got home I had some chocolate milk and The American made veggie tacos for dinner while I had a much needed shower.  I was feeling good so we headed out to my favourite place for the start of our staycation - Le Nordik in Chelsea.

Le Nordik.
They have dry and steam saunas, cold pools, temperate pools and hot tubs, and plenty of places to relax.  There is also a full restaurant.  I cycled through the sauna/cold pool/relaxation cycle a few times while The American read his book, and we ended the night with a glass of wine and a cheese plate (nom nom nom).  It's a little pricey but worth it in my opinion, and even better if you can stay for more than a couple hours.  A great way to end a long run day and work week and start a long weekend.

How was your Friday?  Big plans for the long weekend?

(P.S. Have you entered the Bondi Band giveaway yet?  You have until Sunday night to enter!)


  1. Great job on the run! Your staycation spot looks relaxing! I'm envious.:-)

  2. Way to go! That staycation sounds amazing!