Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've Been Benched

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Half marathon training just began for me yesterday and I'm already forced to rest!  Admittedly though I would rather address any issues now and rest until I'm better than be faced with something worse in a few weeks.

My ankles, shins and knees have been sore after running lately, especially after longer runs (especially when I reach 10k).  I was concerned a previous injury from when I was younger might be causing some problems, and I finally gave in and got it checked out.

I chose to go to a chiropractor for a number of reasons - I don't have a family doctor who can refer me anywhere else; I have had very good experiences with chiropractors in the past addressing various injuries; and I knew one that I trusted already from meeting her on a several networking and social occasions.  I know some people aren't into chiropractic but it has always worked for me.  I made an appointment yesterday and hobbled/drove myself over there this afternoon.

She did a complete assessment and I was very impressed.  When she described the problem to me it just seemed so obvious - my ankle's range of motion is not very good, leading to my shin and then my knee over compensating for the lack of movement.  A few quick adjustments and some Graston technique and I'm feeling better already.  I'll be seeing her a couple times a week for the next while until things are back to 100%.

The bummer of course is that until things are improving I'm not supposed to run.  The conversation went something like this:

Doc: When are you planning on running next?
Me: Tomorrow.  When you tell me I'm allowed?
Doc: Good answer.

It's a combination of resting so I get better and so we don't confuse any pain from the treatment with pain from continued running.  I never thought I would be in a position where all I want to do is get out there and run!  Who is this person I've become??  All I want to do now is get out there but I will be a good little patient and ice my knee without whining too much about being benched.

How do you deal with injuries?  Who is your go to treatment provider?  Any tips on dealing with my very antsy legs?


  1. It is good that you got it checked out before it got worse.

    I (somewhat shockingly) haven't had any issues since I had some knee pain when I first started running. I didn't even go to a doctor, I went to a running shoe store and got fitted for new shoes. They said I needed insoles because my arch collapses. Now I wear them in my running shoes and hiking boots and never have had a problem.

    Can you do some other exercise? How long are you out?

  2. I also had knee problems. Then I read an article about some runners who dont stretch prior to a run. They just warm up their first mile. I've been doing that for 9 months now and voila, no knee pains at all, no sorenessthe The next day, and a quicker recovery. Go figure!

  3. @SP - New shoes definitely helped with the shin pain I had earlier but this is something new. This clinic has orthotics too and I think she might recommend them in the future. It sounds like I'm only out for a week or two at most but I could be being optimistic! I'm allowed to walk in the meantime so I'll still be walking to and from work.

    @Anon - We talked about stretching because I only stretch after - she didn't seem concerned but it's worth some thought!

  4. We swear by the chiropractor at our house, I have two daughters who play travel soccer and both see a chiropractor. I have too, luckily running hasn't cause me any issues. Good luck getting back on the road!
    This is Brenda from

  5. Since I'm catching up on blogs- congrats on your 10k!

    I've been working with a chiropractor since I started marathon training. I believe it is the ONLY reason why I am able to run the time/distance that I am and not be hurt. Right now, I'm going every other week as "preventative" maintenance (he says everytime I run, I put things out of alignment, so to speak).

    Do you have a gym or a good bike? Maybe some cross training could satiate your itching legs? Or you could always work on your power walking, which can really save your pace on longer distances? Just be patient, you'll be up and running soon!! =)