Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fastest Run: 5k in 33:53!

Today I planned a route that was just over 5k so I would have some time for a brief walk before and after so I could be sure to fit a 5k run in.  I decided I would run the whole thing, as opposed to doing the 10/1 run/walk intervals I have been using.  I also wanted to challenge myself to finish in last than 35 minutes on my own.

I also wanted to run the canal route as it is (a) fairly flat and would give my sore ankle a break and (b) it is the route for the Army Run and I wanted to get a practice in.  I have been running more along the river which I prefer because of the views and the relative shade/breeze.

After the stop mark I stretched at the park and walked home.
The first bit of good news about this run is that my ankle felt fine.  It was a little sore when I first got going but it was fine once I warmed up and hasn't hurt at all this evening.

The second bit of good news is that I maintained a both a good and steady pace and finished 5k in less than 34 minutes!  I'm not sure what happened with those first two minutes on my Garmin - it certainly didn't feel like I went that fast and then that slow.  I maintained my pace by grabbing looks at my Garmin occasionally to ensure I was under 7 minutes per kilometre.

Just look at those splits! 

The only break I took was at the bridge at about the 4km mark.  I was starting to get a small cramp so I had planned to take a brief walk to sip some gatorade, then I turned the corner and the barricades on the bridge were going down to let a boat get through.

Pretoria bridge, Ottawa
(Image source)

It is a lift bridge, which means that whole section in the middle lifts straight up to let boats go through.  It was funny to see all the runners trapped on either side of the bridge, eager to get going.  It reminded me of this race recap at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls where a runner got stuck at a train crossing during a half marathon.  The Army Run route goes right over this bridge but the city has control over the boats so at least we won't have to wait during our race.

As I ran back north along the canal I saw a few more boats heading towards the bridge.  I hadn't ever seen the bridge go up and down before, but it looked like it was going to be a busy day for that.  I suppose all the boaters are heading back after the long weekend.  I bet the locks were busy today as well.

When I hit the 5k mark and realized I had broken 34 minutes on my own, I was pumped.  My Garmin definitely played a big role in me maintaining my pace.  At one point I was running behind two girls and was pretty comfy with my pace, and when I looked down I realized I was over 7 minutes per kilometre so I hit the gas and passed them (then left them far behind until the bridge).

I ran a little farther because I was still feeling pretty good, then decided to stop at the park to stretch as it was a beautiful day.  I used this stretch from Fit Chick in the City to work my hips a bit and they feel pretty good.

13 days until my next 5k and 19 days until my first 10k and I'm feeling pretty confident.  Stay tuned for this week's "say it, do it" to find out how I've modified my 10k plan for the next three weeks.

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