Thursday, September 8, 2011

Countdown to the Army Run!

In 10 days, I will be running my third 5k race (and my third race ever).

This race is only six days before my first 10k race.  But nonetheless, I really wanted to do it.  The reason is because last summer I swore up and down that I would get off my butt and start running, and I picked the Army Run 5k as my goal race.  I never did get around to running last summer and so I never got to that goal race.  I couldn't miss it again.

Beyond that is the meaning behind the race.  While I do not have any friends or relatives who are fighting in the many wars around the world, my grandparents all played a role in one or both of World Wars.  This race is about something bigger than all of us.

I'm pretty excited as well because it's the exact same route as I ran in my first 5k race in May this year, which I'm familiar with from that race as well as my training.  It's a beautiful route that goes in front of the Parliament buildings and up and down the canal.  It's almost just an out-and-back, with a bit of variation.

Army Run Route
I'm looking forward to the chance to run the same route and improve on my time from the first time I did this route.  I have a feeling that the Army Run, with its autumn weather and its sentimental value, will become a bookmark for me in every racing season.

This race also has some unique features that I'm excited to experience - a race expo at the armoury, a cannon fire "shotgun", dog tag medals and camo print long sleeve tech shirts.  Everything I've heard about this race is making me really look forward to the experience.

Camo print race shirt!
Then there are my memories of Ottawa Race Weekend - the packed starting corrals, the excitement, the lined streets, the feeling of running with thousands of people - that are making me look forward to this huge event even more.

My goals for this race are pretty simple - have an amazing time, run the whole race, and break the 34:00 mark.  I beat 34:00 on a recent training run so I am confident that I can do it again as long as I don't give up.  I think there are pacers in the 5k race, but the slowest pacer is 30:00.  I would really love to stay close to that pacer through the whole race but don't want to burn all my energy given the 10k race six days later.

My training for this race isn't very complicated, because really I'm focused on the 10k race.  I have been running 2-4 times per week.  Once a week I've done an interval run where I focus on increasing my distance and the other runs are 4-5km in distance, sometimes focusing on my pace and other times just enjoying myself.  This race isn't so much about performing at my peak (that comes next year) as it is about proving to myself yet again that I can do this, and I can keep improving.

Stay tuned for my race report!

(If you're interested, it's not too late to enter the half marathon!  Visit their webpage for info.)


  1. Sounds like a great race! Enjoy yourself, but remember to only go all out for either the 5k or the 10k...trying to push it all the way in both is how most of us knuckleheads get hurt :)

  2. You are running tomorrow too! Have a great race!!! I'll think of you at the start line (an hour before I line up). Kick butt lady.