Friday, August 19, 2011

Two runs down...

This week I started my 10k training schedule.  I planned to run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and have switched that up to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

On both Tuesday and Thursday I went out planning to do four intervals of ten minutes walking, one minute running.  I wasn't super impressed with my performance on either day, although Thursday was worse.

On Thursday, it was super hot and humid and I had not worn my fuel belt.  I was so tired and thirsty and my heart rate must have been through the roof I had to start taking walking breaks during my last interval and eventually gave up and walked the rest of the way.

Both days I completed about 6 km in 50 minutes or so.  I would ideally like to do my 10k in less than 90 minutes.  I think this will be doable if I pick up the pace a bit and run more, walk less.  I have one more 10:1 run on my schedule and next week I'm going to try and do 15:1.

In happy running news, my Garmin arrived on Wednesday and I love it already!  It's so much easier than twisting all around to read my iPhone which is strapped to my arm.  I was also worried about killing my iPhone by using it for every run.  I am going to pick up an iPod shuffle to use for music, probably over the weekend.

The Bondi Bands I ordered for our 5k women's run also arrived.  I am doing the TO Women's Run next weekend with some girlfriends from university.  I am really excited to see everyone and to race again - it's my first one since my first 5k in May!  We decided to all wear matching Bondi Bands and ordered the black ones with the silver tiara on them for fun.  Bondi Bands is also sending me another for a review and to do a giveaway!  Stay tuned for that!

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