Monday, August 29, 2011

Say It, Do It: Training Week 3

In last week's "say it, do it", I said I would do two training runs and complete my 5k race.  I did do one training run last week (about 8km in an hour, doing 10/1 run/walk intervals) and my 5k race.  I didn't do one of my two training runs because Thursday got away from me with family visiting and a Hawksley Workman concert (which was awesome).

This week, my training schedule calls for three training runs on my own plus a run with my run club on Sunday morning.

Ack!  Four runs in total after only two runs last week?  Call me crazy.  I'm going to do it!

My schedule calls for three 55 minute runs with 17:1 run/walk intervals, but I've decided to switch that around and instead add another run/walk interval to my longest run yet for my long run, building towards doing 10k at least once before my race on September 24th.  My other runs during the week will be shorter and easier runs, perhaps working on my speed.

I've made this decision for a few reasons:

  • I ran my 5k this past weekend using 10:1 intervals and did very well, which confirmed my decision to run the 10k using 10:1 intervals instead of trying to push all the way through.
  • Talking to various people made me realize that I should stick to one long run per week and not push myself on the remainder.
  • I had a lot of success adding one 10:1 interval last week, getting me up to 8k, making me much more confident that I can get to 10k without too much of an issue.  Knowing that endurance is less of a problem makes me want to focus on my speed as well.
All that being said, I WILL run four times this week.  One of my runs WILL be six 10:1 intervals (my 8k run was five 10:1 intervals) and at least one WILL focus on speed in some way or another.  Other than those three things, I'm really not sure what this week will bring.

What's on your training schedule this week?

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  1. Hey sweet girl!
    My suggestion is if you're going to do a run that focuses on a challenge other than distance, opt for a hill run instead of speed training.... it will blow your mind how much better even your next run feels!!!! Honest!
    ps... totally enjoying your blog... i might try to the same sometime!!!