Monday, August 15, 2011

My First 10k Training Schedule

As I've been setting up this blog, I've been moving over some old posts from other blogs I have maintained.  I think I'm done with that now.  Welcome to my first actual post on Running Jennie!

In just about six weeks, I am running my first 10k race ever.  I have known about this race for some time, but only really realized it was happening at some point last week.  I then set out to create a fairly ambitious training plan to get me from here to the finish line in more or less one piece.

(I hope Blogger offers the option that you can click that and see it bigger, as I'm sure it's too small for you to read.)

You will see that not only do I have my 10k race in six weeks, I thought somewhere along the line that what I really needed to do in the weeks leading up to that race was two more 5k races.  I'm not sure what happened to the girl who ran her first 5k in May 2011 and hasn't run a race since, but she's clearly not here anymore.  

Unfortunately those two races are going to throw a wrench in my plans to gradually increase my mileage on my Sunday long runs, so instead I'll be gradually increasing every week using a schedule based on the Bridge to 10k training program.

Since this is my first 10k, I'm not worrying about speed at all - so my runs aren't "tempo" or "speed work" or "recovery" or anything else special.  They're just runs.  I am planning to do run:walk intervals on all my runs except Sundays, when I head out with my local running club.  On those days I'm going to focus on running without stopping for the length indicated (hopefully!)

I've posted my schedule on my fridge so The American* can help me out with some accountability, and I can also write my runs in as I go.  I will also continue to track my running at Daily Mile (check out my profile there to be friends).

* I've decided to call my partner "The American" because he is, in fact, American.  I stole this idea from Julie at A Case of the Runs.  She refers to her partner as "The Ukrainian".  (Hope that's okay, Julie!)  I also noticed when I went to check out her actual site as opposed to reading it in my Google Reader that our templates match, which I swear was accidental. 

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