Monday, August 15, 2011

Investing in New Shoes

(As I build up this new site, I am moving some select posts over from a couple other blogs I used to maintain.  I want to have all these posts in one place and have something for people to ready while I get started.  Sorry for the deluge of posts, most of which are out dated by now but still relevant.)
My shins have been driving me nuts off and on, depending on how long it’s been since I last ran and where I’m running, etc.  I began to think that maybe my shoes needed to be replaced, but I wasn’t sure.  I’ve only had them for a year and ran maybe 250 kilometres in them (and that’s probably seriously overestimating).  Surely they weren’t causing the problem?
I stopped at The Running Room en route to the gym today to check in.  Shocking that when you say “I don’t know if the problem is my shoes” the shoe salesman says “of course it’s your shoes!”
It was the first time I replaced a pair of running shoes and also the first time someone who was trained helped me to pick them out.  (Last year I bought a pair on my own at a Nike outlet based only on my knowledge that I pronated.)  Today I tried on two pairs of Nikes and a pair of Sauconys, and settled on a pair of Nikes that felt similar to my current shoes (only newer – I could actually tell there was more support and they weren’t broken down).
Total cost was approx. $170.  Yikes!  I haven’t spent that much on ANY shoes EVER.  And I really LIKE shoes.  I think it’s important though, to invest in good shoes if I’m going to be a real runner.  (Though, as the sales guy said,“There’s no fake runners and no novice runners.  We’re all runners.”)
I must admit – they definitely make me happy because they’re grey, white and pink as opposed to my old runners which were grey, white and blue.  :-)
I wore them immediately at the gym, and did a 3 k walk/run.  I ran for 15 minutes and did 5 minutes of warm up and cool down.  I was supposed to run 20 minutes straight today, but I think my feet were getting used to the new shoes.  Or it was all my head.  Either way, I’m going to stick in another run this week on Saturday afternoon to get to my 25 minutes before I have to try my hand at 25 next week.
I have 30 days to try them out and can return them so long as I only wear them inside.  I plan to give them a good workout, wearing them for all my runs for the next three weeks or so, before making a final decision on whether to keep them.  My gut instinct though it that they are keepers.
One annoying thing today was that my toes kept falling asleep.  I’m not sure if it’s the new shoes or something else.  I haven’t experienced that in a while but used to have it happen all the time while working out.  Does anyone know why that happens and how to make it stop?
Another happy thing – knowing that for the first time ever, if the guy at the running store asked me “how is your training going?” or “are you signed up for any races”, I’d be able to answer instead of making some flustered comment about not actually being a runner.  I’m a runner now!


  1. My toes kept falling asleep when I first got my runners awhile back, and when I loosened up the laces closest to my toes, they felt a lot better!

  2. Yay for being a real runner!

    Buying new shoes always kills me, but its so worth it. I managed to find the Nike's I wear at an outlet in Vegas for half the price. I bought them to put away until I need them. Should have bought 3 pairs.

  3. @Andrea - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Yay for finding shoes at outlets. My first running shoes were from the Nike Outlet in Florida and I will definitely be checking it out again when I go back in February - though I'll need another new pair before then I think while training for my half.