Sunday, August 21, 2011

GPS + tall buildings = not so awesome.

Today's run was just a run - nothing special scheduled as far as run/walk intervals.  I just wanted to get out there and run continuously for at least a half hour or so to remind myself that I can do that before my 5k this coming Saturday.

I hoped to run about 5k today, but knew it would be a little short as I didn't want to take my usual river route after running the canal.  I chose to stick to the canal and main streets because the river can be a little scary when it's not busy as there would be no easy escape if someone tried to come after me.  The weather today meant the river path would probably be fairly quiet.

It felt good to just get out there and not worry too much about how things were going.  I tried to focus on my cadence as well as keeping my pace somewhere around 12:00 per mile (I still hadn't switched my Garmin over to kilometres).

According to my Garmin I covered about 2.60 miles or 4.16 km in 36 minutes.  When I uploaded my info and looked at the GPS map it was really wonky, so I decided to check the distance on GMAP-Pedometer as well.  The difference is pretty big - about 0.50 kilometres!

I'm using the GMAP pedometer info as my distance for the day as it seems more accurate.  That means today I ran about 4.60 km in 36 minutes.  I'm happy with that as I will likely run a bit faster at the race so I'm on track for a good time.

Here's what the two maps look like:

GMAP Pedometer Map
(I couldn't remember the exact streets I took on my way towards the canal, but I generally zig zagged to Elgin, going with the traffic lights, so I took a guess.  I don't think it makes a big difference exactly which streets I took.)

Garmin Map

The GPS function on the Garmin is a little frustrating since I live and run in the downtown area.  It takes five minutes or so for it to pick up the satellites and then the tracking isn't 100%.  I had heard about these problems before purchasing it and decided to invest the money anyway and I'm glad I did.  I think I will make a habit out of double checking my distances on the GMAP site just in case though.

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