Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Blogging fell apart again (shocking) and so did my run streak (double shocking) but I'm getting up again.  I figure a random post is a good way to start!

1. Yesterday I signed up to run with Team in Training again for the Fall 2013 season!  This season I am training with our local team instead of doing a Flex team.  I am really looking forward to meeting my team and training and fundraising with them.  This year my goal is to raise MORE (I'd like to hit $4,000 this season) and go FURTHER.  "Further?!", you say....?

2.  That's right, I've signed up for a FULL marathon.  ACK.  I'm a little terrified.  And not only is it a full marathon, it's in San Francisco, land of hills!  I have read a lot about this event and know two things for sure (1) it is HARD and (2) it is AMAZING.  What event?  The Nike Women's Marathon, of course!  Will I see you there?

3. On a totally personal note, we are only one month away from our wedding!  I can't believe it.  I picked up my veil yesterday and now we have almost everything we need.  I can't wait!  We are having a very small wedding (just our parents) and are asking people to making charitable donations instead of giving gifts if they want to celebrate.  Two great options are Team in Training (obviously!) and The American's favourite charity, Child's Play.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Run Streak

Thanks to all who commented on my last post!  It's nice to be welcomed back.

In the spirit of getting back into blogging, this weekend I promise to write a recap of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon (or as much as I remember of it anyway).  There will be pictures and stories of the race and my experience with Team in Training.

I also have a pair of Knucklelights to give away - more details on that soon!

But to the point of this post - the run streak!  Yesterday was day one of 30 days I am going to run in a row.  I am doing the Coach to 5k plan, starting in Week 3, as I haven't run regularly for a couple months and I want to ease back into it.  Yesterday was Week 3, Day 3 (I did the other two days already).  It felt great to get back to it!  I have plans for the rest of the run streak that include hotel treadmills.  I'm going to do this!

I also signed up for a personal trainer.  On the request form I had to write my goals.  I wrote:

"I want to run faster, be able to climb obstacles at the City Chase, and have arms like Michelle Obama."

Aim high, right?  More on that as I get started!

Monday, March 18, 2013


It's time for this little blog to get going again.  I am a runner and a blogger and I've been doing very little of both of these things as of late!  But the sun is starting to shine longer every day, and we had a few warm days that reminded me that someday it will be spring.

I've decided to start a run streak, right now, today, even if it's only 20 minutes and it's on a treadmill, I'm going to get out there.  For the next thirty days.  This is partially because I need a kick in the butt, partially because I bought a gym membership I'm not using, and partially because we're finally getting married in May and I need to fit into my dress that fit perfectly in December!  (That's right - married!  And let's all admit right now that the motivation is mostly that.)

So here I am.  Hello to the 10 of you who appear to keep coming back here although there is nothing to say, and hello to any new and returning friends.  Let's get running, shall we?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tink in Training Virtual Run: Winners List!

Here are the winners for the Tink in Training Virtual Run finisher prizes!  I will be sending emails shortly to confirm everyone's mailing addresses, both for prizes and for medals.

Bondi Bands (first come, first serve for the three designs):
Christine B.
Tracey M.
Michelle F.

KT Tape:
Cory P.
Brandi P.
Jane S.
Tammy F.
Kaitlin S.
Cathleen E.
Leslie R.
Lula C.
Deborah M.
Natalie F.
Georgette B.
Tracey S.
Brent S.

Tough Chik Gift Card: Lara Winnemore

Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet: Kasaundra N.

SPIBelt: Brandi P.

$40 mystery prize (gift card of winner's choice): Colleen G.

MyRaceRagz Gift Certificate: Natalie S.

Bia Sport Tech T-shirt: Teresa G.

Get Fit With Les Personal Training: Donna G.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Bondi Bands

Bondi Band has donated three (3) headbands to the virtual run giveaway!  There are two running headbands and a more yoga themed headband.  They will be given away to three lucky winners!  Want a chance to win one?  Sign up for the virtual run before it's too late!

Bondi Band - where fashion meets function!  They are comfy, colorful and creative headbands to fit any lifestyle or occasion.

Bondi Band promises they are "no slip, no drip" and that their products are "where fashion meets function".  Their website has this description of the headbands:
Bondi bands are a comfy, colorful and creative way to hold your hair back whether you're riding in a convertible, rushing out the door to get your kids, or getting some exercise.  Bondi Bands are an easy fix for your hair.  Check out our wicking fabric bands; they will absorb and evaporate buckets of sweat.
I have a few Bondi Bans myself, having purchased them in the past for events with friends.  In my experience, the headbands follow through on all these promises (although I can't comment on the "buckets of sweat" because I'm not really a sweaty girl, I definitely have a lot of hair that needs to be controlled).

My immediate impression of the Bondi Band headband was that it was a lot thinner and lighter than I anticipated, and I was worried that it was flimsy.  As soon as I put it on, I knew I was wrong!  The material is thin and light so it feels like you're not wearing anything at all, and it is very comfortable.  At the same time, it is sturdy enough to hold my very thick and curly hair back and it doesn't slide around.  It is surprisingly snug for an almost t-shirt like material.

All in all, the headband is just... comfy.  It's hard to describe it any other way!  My friends and I wanted something that matched when we ran the Toronto Women's 5k together, so we ordered Bondi bands with a tiara print.  My sister and I also wore "big sister" and "little sister" prints when we ran our first race together.  They are an easy, inexpensive option for personalizing your race outfit and matching with friends.

Bondi Bands are available with countless prints and in countless colours.  They are also available in solid colours and various patterns (without a print).  Their prints range from funny (like my turtle) to messages that support different charities.
Tiara bands!

The girls I ran the race with were also very happy with the bands.  When we were ordering them, they were concerned about whether they would fit after having disappointing experiences with so many other headbands.  Everyone commented immediately how well they fit and after the race everyone said they would be ordering more in the future.

We also discovered another handy benefit of the headbands - they are just wide enough to fit down over your ears and they are super soft and warm on cool mornings!  They kept our ears nice and comfy while we waited for our race to start.  One girl also commented that they would be handy for holding your earphones in.

Sister bands.
I love wearing my bands in the fall to keep my ears warm.  The headband is just warm enough without being too hot during cooler fall days.  They also "smush" up very small and fit in my pocket when I am too warm, or I can push it back off my ears without looking silly.

I also like how wide the band is - perfect for frizzy hair days!

You can learn more about Bondi Band at their website.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter @bondiband!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Get Fit With Les

Get Fit with Les has donated personal training sessions to the virtual run!  One (1) lucky finisher will win one month of virtual personal training (a $200 value) or one week of in-person virtual training (three sessions, a $225 value).  Don't miss your chance to win this great prize - sign up for the virtual run today!

Les is a certified personal trainer who works in Ottawa.  Whether you are new to exercise or an experienced fitness enthusiast, Les can help you meet your goals!

Les began her personal training career at Good Life Fitness in 2008.  In November 2011, she started her own personal training business in a private studio.  This opportunity has enhanced her commitment to helping people reach their health and fitness goals: losing weight, trimming inches, eating healthier, building muscle, learning to run or train for a race, starting a yoga practice, finding balance in life, gaining confidence, or finding their inner athlete!  Les stresses the importance of a healthy lifestyle which includes: proper nutrition, daily physical activity, a consistent workout routine, getting plenty of sleep and enjoying life to the fullest.

Les is a runner herself, completing the first of many half marathons in 2008.  One of her specialities is training programs for long distance runners.

Changing lives for people of all ages and fitness levels by motivating them to 'get fit', helping them lose weight or  gain muscle, and helping them find their true inner athlete is what Les does best.

Les' certifications include:

  • B.Sc. Kinesiology and B.Ed. Physical Education K-12 (University of Southern Miss '02-'06)
  • CAN FIT PRO Certified Personal Trainer Specialist
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Agatsu KettleBell Certification
  • National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) Levels 1 and 2
  • 200 hr. Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (Rama Lotus '12)
  • 30 hr. Certified Power Yoga Teacher (Rama Lotus '12)

You can find out more about Les on her website, follow her on her blog or Twitter @getfitwithles, or connect with her on Facebook!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: SPIbelt

SPIBelt has donated one (1) SPIbelt to the virtual run giveaway.  It is a one pocket belt.  Want a chance to win this prize?  Register for the virtual run today!

A SPIBelt is a "small personal item belt".  You can wear it while running or working out to hold your phone, keys, cash or other small items if you do not have pockets.  Another use might be to hold items under your clothes while travelling.  The website also suggests using it for medical needs, perhaps for first aid items or an epi pen.

The SPIbelt will expand to hold any phone, keys, cash, and even a passport.  It is sleek, secure, and does not bounce.  The pocket is small when you are not using it and expands to the right size when you do.  It buckles on and the strap is made of soft, adjustable elastic (it will fit waist sizes from 25" to 50").

My sister and I used double pocket SPIbelts when we ran the Princess Half Marathon in February 2012.  We used them for our phones, our gels and our race bibs (you can purchase race bib holders for only $2.00 - sadly I lost mine since).  You can see the belts in this photo:

The belt didn't bother me while I was running.  I had never run with it before (I know - nothing new on race day...) but didn't have any trouble.  It was easy to access during the run to grab my camera for pictures or gels.  You can see me getting my phone out here:

It was a very convenient and useful product and I have used it since on training runs.  I also discovered it will hold a bottle from my Fuel belt if I leave it unzipped - very handy for when I just want one bottle of water on a short run.  The American has used it as well when he works out - running, sit ups, burpees, etc. - to hold his keys.

You can find out more about SPIbelt, including their other products, on their website.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter @spibelt.